Wednesday, March 1, 2023

50th anniversary of “Those Dirty Dogs”

 Today marks the 50th anniversary of the premier of Campa carogna… la taglia cresce (Those Dirty Dogs) directed by Giuseppe Rosati using the alias Joseph Rosati and starring Gianni Garko, Stephen Boyd. Howard Ross and Harry Baird. Korano (Gianni Garko) a bounty hunter travels to the garrison at Fort Apache where a thousand dollar bounty of has been placed on the head of the Mexican bandit Angel Sanchez (Simón Andreu), who is responsible for among other things, the theft of a precious cargo of arms. The guns have been stolen on behalf of General Müller (Alfredo Mayo), who aims to bring Mexico under the rule of Austria. Also interested in the reward and arms are three soldiers, Captain Chadwell, Willer (Stephen Boyd) Lieutenant Younger (Howard Ross) and Sergeant Washington Smith (Harry Baird), who have come from Washington. to help their colleagues at Fort Apache recover the weapons. Captured by Korano, is Angel Sanchez who is able to escape multiple times escapes until he is able to reach the shelter of General Müller. Korano is taken prisoner by him but is freed by Chadwell and his companions. With their help the troops of Muller are annihilated and Korano finally resolves the dispute over the reward with his three competitors.

The film made 286,941 lire and is ranked 242 in Spaghetti western Italian box office returns.

Campa carogna… la taglia cresce – Italian title

Kaemp usling – rebet venter! – Danish title

La charge des diables – French title

Vier Teufelskerle – German tittle

Vier Teufelskerle – Tot oder lebendig! – German title

À volta cá te espero – Portuguese title

Los cuatro de Fort Apache – Spanish title

Kämpa dumskalle – Swedish title

Charge! – U.K. title

Those Dirty Dogs – English title


A 1973 Italian film production [Horse Film (Rome), Plata Films (Madrid)]

Producer: Julio Parra

Director: Joseph Rosati (Giuseppe Rosati)

Story: Carlo Veo, Enrique Llovet, Giuseppe Rosati

Screenplay: Carlo Veo, Enrique Llovet, Giuseppe Rosati

Cinematography: Goffredo Pacheco [Eastmancolor, CromoScope]

Music: Nick Fidenco (Nico Fidenco)

     Song: “The Wind in My Face” sung by Stephen Boyd

     Song: “The Long Caravan” sung by Edda Dell’Orso (Edda Sabataini)

Running time: 99 minutes



Korano – John Garko (Giovanni Garcovich)

Captain Chadwell Willer – Stephen Boyd (William Millar)

Lieutenant Younger – Howard Ross (Renato Rossini)

Angel Sanchez – Simón Andreu (Simón Trobat)

Sergeant Washington Smith – Harry Baird

Maria/Melissa Adams – Teresa Gimpera (Teresa Falquer)

‘El Supremo’/General Alvaro/Lopez/Muller – Alfredo Mayo (Alfredo Martinez)

Miss Maria Miller/Muller – Helga Liné (Lisa Stern)

Manola – Mirella Dogan (Antonella Donan)

Doctor Adams – Enzo Fiermonte (Vincenzo Fiermonte)

Major/Colonel – Daniele Vargas

Soldiers – Nazzareno Zamperla, Osiride Pavarello, Artemio Antonini, Romano Puppo, 

      Giuliano Dell’Ovo, Sergio Testori, Pietro Ceccarelli, Ottorino Polentini

Dirty soldier - José Montoya

El Supremo’s servant – Jose Galera Balazote

Philosoph – Val Gaspar (Luis Osorio)

Corporal – Lee Burton (Guido Lollobrigida)

Boarding house owner – Furio Meniconi

Mexicans – Andrea Scotti, Gabriella Giorgelli, Luigi Antonio Guerra, Rafael Gomez

With: Fabian Garriba, Mario Garriba

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