Tuesday, December 29, 2009


L’appel de la forêt – French title
Il richiamo della foresta – Italian title
Ruf der Wildnis – German title
Når villdyret våkner – Norwegian title
La selva blanca – Spanish title
Når naturen kalder – Danish title
Erämaan kutsu – Finnish title
Kravgi mesa sto dasos – Greek title
Zew krwi – Polish title
Chemarea Strabunilor – Romanian title
The Call of the Wild – English title

A 1972 French, Italian, Norwegian, Spanish, British, West German co-production [Universal Pictures France (Paris), Oceania Produzioni Internazionali Cinematografiche (Rome), Norsk Film (Oslo), Ízaro Film (Madrid), Towers of London
Productions (London), CCC Filmkunst GmbH (W. Berlin)]
Producer: Artur Brauner, Harry Allan Towers
Director: Ken Annakin (Kenneth Annakin)
Story: “The Call of the Wild”: by Jack London (John Chaney)
Screenplay: Peter Welbeck (Harry Alan Towers), Wyn Wells (Win Wells), Peter Yeldham
Dialogue: Hubert Frank, Tibor Reves (German release), Federico de Urrutia, (Italian release)
Cinematography: John Cabrera [Eastmancolor]
Music: Carlo Rustichelli
Running time: 105 minutes

John Thornton- Charlton Heston (John Carter)
Calliope Laurent - Michèle Mercier (Jocelyne Mer Michèle cier)
Pete - Raimund Harmstorf
Black Burton - George Eastman (Luigi Montefiore)
Mercedes - Maria Rohm
Seze - Juan Luis Galiardo (Juan Comes)
Taglish Charlie - Sancho Gracia (Felix Garcia)
Charles - Friedhelm Lehmann
Hal - Horst Heuck
Dutch Henry - Rik Battaglia (Riccardo Battaglia)
Constantine - Alf Malland (Alfonse Malland)
Judge Miller - Alfredo Mayo (Alfredo Martinez)
colonel - Sverre Wilberg
Red Sweater - Olov Pedersen
François - Per Amvik
Perrault - Torbjørn Halvorsen
master of ceremonies - Hans Stormoen
piano player - Kåre Siem
old miner - Dan Rosse
storeman - Roy Bjørnstad
con-man - Ola B. Johannessen
runner - Per Tofte
Jack - Antonio Mayans (José Hervas)
Mollie - Jennifer Roberts
Alice - Jody Hanson
Buck - Buck
with; Luis Barboo, Charly Bravo (Ramon Bravo)

Adventure in the Klondike about a man and his Alsatian sled dog. After being kidnapped from his California home, Alsatian dog Buck is bought by John Thornton for the mail run, and to become the latter's close companion through many adventures together. Despite being devoted to Thornton, Buck also feels the call of the wild and runs with a wolf pack, mating with one of the pack. Buck returns to Thornton but, upon the latter's death at the hands of Indians when gold prospecting, the dog returns to run wild with the pack, becoming a creature of legend to the Indians.


  1. Well. I think, the book is really great.
    Jack London tried to describe the life in its real way. Of course, we can' find in this book the thoughts of the dog, but the book teach us the real life, not in a big comfortable flat, but life, which consists of fighting with nature. We don't know what is it, because we got used to comfort, tv and nice food. But what's there? out of the city?
    "The call of the wild" demonstrates it to us.

  2. Catástrofe na selva, titulo brasileiro