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I sentieri dell’odio – Italian title
Il piombo e la carne – Italian title
El sendero del odio – Spanish title
Amor Cherokss – Spanish title
Les sentiers de la haine – French title
Con el plomo en la carne – Argentinean title
Mustat revolverit – Finnish title
Paths of Hate – English title
Bullet in the Flesh – U.S.A. title
Bullet and the Flesh – U.S.A. title

A 1964 Italian, Spanish, French co-production [Marco (Rome), Hesperia Film (Madrid), Cineurop (Paris)]
Producer: Ennio Girolami, Jacques-Paul Bertrand
Director: Fred Wilson (Marino Girolami)
Story: Gino de Santis
Screenplay: Gino de Santis, Marino Girolami
Cinematography: Mario Fioretti, Manuel Berenguer (Manuel Serra) [Eastmancolor, Ultrascope]
Music: Carlo Savina
Song: “A Western Man” sung by Peter Tevis
Running time: 95 minutes

Nathaniel Masters - Rod Cameron (Nathan Cox)
Chata - Dan Harrison (Bruno Piergentili)
Mabel Masters - Patricia Viterbo (Patrizia Viterbo)
Nelson Masters - Manuel Zarzo
Sam Masters - Thomas Moore (Enio Girolami)
Minnie - Tota Alba (Dolores Alba)
judge - Consalvo Dell’Arti
Bob Raskin - Dante Maggio
client - Enzo Maggio, Jr.
Mortimer Lasky - Alfredo Mayo (Alfredo Martinez)
Slim McClear - Ignazio Spalla
Jonathan - Piero Lulli (Giusva Lulli)
Master's maid - Carrol Brown (Carla Calò)
with; Julio Peña (Julio Munoz), Manuela Lupo, Marco Mariani, Peter Lynn (George Lycan), Franco Lantini, Edi Biagetti (Edgardo Biagetti), Ignazio Dolce, Tonino Danesi (Antonio Danesi), Marisa Quattrini

Nat Masters a rich landowner is persecuting an Indian tribe by setting fires and blaming the Indians in hope of taking possession of their rich forests for their lumber. His daughter, Mable, is in love with Chata, chief of the Cherokees, a relationship which is opposed by both families and the settlers of the local town. Trying to quell the affair, she is informed of her mother's past infidelity with a Cherokee and subsequent suicide. Chata is framed and sent to prison.

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  1. Several reasons, most are now in their 70s and 80s, the reporst seem to come in bunches and when you look for additional information on one you sometimes come across an obit on another you are unaware of. Sad we seem to find out information on these people only after they have died then when they were living.

  2. Sorry this reply was to be added to the Franco Villa comment by Bill Connolly.

  3. Tom, on the poster there's listed "Carol Brown", but I can't find him/her (Calò/Carotenuto respectively) in the credits...

  4. IMDb says its Carol Brown (Carlo Calò) as Master's maid. I've added it to the post. I must have had questions on which actor (Brown) it was and deleted it from my original files. Thanks for catching the error.