Saturday, February 4, 2023

Spaghetti Westerns Podcast Season 5, Episode 5 overall #105.


You’re invited to join me today at noon PST for episode 5 of season 5 of The Spaghetti Westerns Podcast. We’ll discuss the History of the Spaghetti Western “The Last Gun” with Cameron Mitchell. Next we’ll discover what happened to the perennial badman Livio Lorenzon. Who are those gals? We’ll be uncovering the life of Marianne Koch who played Marisol in “Fistful of Dollars”. The film of the week will be “Dead Men Ride” starring Fabio Testi. The CD of the week will also be “Dead Men Ride” and we’ll have some posters, and an autograph. We close things out with the News of the Week. So tune into The Spaghetti Westerns Podcast Facebook page at noon today. The broadcast will be posted to You Tube later today.

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