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A preview showing of "Everything for a Dirty Star" at the Ricciardi theater


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February 21, 2023


"Tutto per una Sporca Stella", premiere at the Teatro Ricciardi

-One recognition after another. There are only a few hours left to the official preview, which will be held tomorrow evening at 21 pm at the Teatro Ricciardi in Capua, of the spaghetti western short film, entitled "Tutto per una Sporca

Stella", and there is already an air of success for the director, screenwriter and cast. Directed by Daniele Bartoli, with the extraordinary music of the Caserta master Francesco Oliviero, the latter back from the collaboration with the great Italian director Pupi Avati, the short is competing at the "Rome International Movie Awards" and has already obtained the award for "best editing" of the Rome Outcast Independent Film Award". Waiting, however, for the next official presentations in Rome and Milan, the organizers say, the spotlight is all on tomorrow's event at the "Ricciardi" in Capua. The project, ambitious, aims to pay homage in particular to the "spaghetti western" genre that made history through Sergio Leone's "Dollar Trilogy". A genre, this, for many years disappeared from the film scene, to make room for the more ironic "western beans". The project of director Bartoli and screenwriter Gianpaolo Gentile goes in the direction of inaugurating a new philology of western films to make it return just as in the golden times.

The mission of West Indice Production was also that, at the same time, to reconquer a territory, that of the Camposecco plateau (Camerata Nuova – Rome) which, between the 50s and 60s, was the scene of the screenplays of over 54 western films, the most famous of which was "Lo chiamavano Trinità" with Bud

Spencer, Terence Hill and Remo Capitani. And just to pay homage to the figure of Capitani, in the cast of "Tutto per una Sporca Stella" there is the extraordinary participation of his son, Massimo Capitani. In the cast, in addition to the son of Capitani, the same Gianpaolo Gentile, Fausto Bellone and Federica Avallone. The music, by the composer from Caserta Oliviero, embellishes a work that is destined to mark the return in style of the "Spaghetti Western" genre. Appointment for tomorrow evening at the Teatro Ricciardi in Capua

Tutto per una sporca stella – Italian title

Anything for a Dirty Star – English language


A 2022 Italian short film production [West Inside Produtions (Rome)]


Director: Daniele Bartoli

Story: Gianpaolo Gentile

Screenplay: Gianpaolo Gentile

Cinematography: [color]

Music: Francesco Oliviero

Running time:


Story: In the short Wyatt, apparently looking for food and money, lives a deep emotional crisis for a dark past and is chased by a mysterious figure who monitors his every move. He finds hospitality at the home of Stormy (a farmer who lives with his niece), but the appointment with fate is just around the corner.


Gianpaolo Gentile, Fausto Bellone, Federica Avalone, Massimo Capitani

Written and performed by Gianpaolo Gentile and directed by Daniele Bartoli, the short film had as its backdrop the hills of the Simbruini mountains and the plain of Camposecco: a location already used in the past by 54 film productions, among which we remember in particular “They Call Me Trinity” as Remo Capitani was present. In "Tutto per una sporca stella" (Anything for a Dirty Star) there is the participation of Massimo Capitani, son of Remo. In the cast in addition to Massimo we find, Fausto Bellone and Federica Avallone. The music is by maestro Francesco Oliviero.

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