Friday, February 24, 2023

RIP Maurizio Costanzo


Italian journalist, TV host, author and screenwriter Maurizio Costanzo died in a Rome clinic on February 24, 2023. Costanzo was born in Rome on August 28, 1938 and participated in the screenplays of many films, some of which directed by Pupi Avati: “Bordella” (1976), “Cinema!!” (1979), “Jazz Band” (1978), “La casa dalle finestre che ridono” (1976) - which over time became a real cult of the horror genre. “Except the Dead” (1977) and “Zeder” (1983). Married four times he is the father of director Saverio Cosntanzo. Maurzio co-wrote the screenplay for the 1969 Spaghetti western “In the Name of the Father”.

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