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Who Are Those Singers & Musicians? ~ Giulia DeMutis


Giulia Rei was born in Rome, Italy on January 19, 1938. She was a soprano and a member of the “I Cantori Moderni” singing group who were featured on many Spaghetti western scores under the direction of her husband Alessandro Alessandroni. Along with Edda dell’Orso the two were featured soloists on several main themes and songs of the genre. Under the stage name Giulia deMutis she was one of the outstanding and memorable voice of the Euro-western genre.

Along with her husband she was a composer, songwriter and the mother of composer and conductors Alessandro ‘Alex’ Alessandroni Jr. [1958- ], Cinzia Alessandroni [1961- ] and another child Cristiano Alessandroni [1968-2008].

Giulia died of cancer at the young age of 46 on January 19, 1984.

De MUTIS, Giulia (aka Giulia Alessandroni, July Ray) (Giulia Rei) [1/19/1938, Rome, Lazio, Italy – 1/19/1984, Sesto Calende, Varese, Italy (cancer)] – composer, songwriter, singer, married to composer, songwriter, singer, musician (guitar, mandolin, banjo, mandolincello, sitar, accordion, piano), whistler Alessandro Alessandroni (1957-1984), mother of composer, conductor, musician Alessandro ‘Alex’ Alessandroni Jr. [1958-    ], composer, conductor, singer Cinzia Alessandroni [1961-    ], Cristiano Alessandroni [1968-2008], member of ‘I Cantori Moderni’.

A Fistful of Dollars - 1964

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly – 1966

$7.00 to Kill – 1966 [sings: “Wishville” as July Ray]

Seven Pistols for a Massacre – 1967 [sings: “The Only Girl He Loved”]

Gentleman Killer – 1967 (co) [sings “Gold and Power”]

Two Crosses at Danger Pass – 1967 [sings: ““Brings Us Joy and Happiness”, “What Do You

     Think” as July Ray]

Sonora – 1968

Blazing Guns – 1971 [sings ““Libertad”]

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