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Who Are Those Guys? ~ Mino Doro


Ermino “Mino” Napoleone Doro di Costa di Vernassino was born in Venice, Italy on May 6, 1903, of noble origins. He attended the Technical Institute of Venice and participated in various sports including motor racing, horseback riding, skating and fencing. He was fascinated by the world of entertainment and made his theater debut in his early twenties.

He made his cinematic debut in 1926 in “Beatrice Cenci” but his first big cinematic break came in 1933 when Mario Camerini wanted him as the antagonist of Nino Besozzi in “T'amerò semper” selecting the stage name Mino Doro he recorded his first personal success with the public.

He was a captivating, virile and robust actor who resembled Clark Gable and although cast mainly in villainous roles he conquered the female audience. He appeared in a series of films as a protagonist including “Vecchia Guarida” (1934) “Special Enboys” (1943). He found success but never became a marquee star.

After World War II having gained considerable weight and losing his hair, he withdrew to playing character roles. During his career he appeared in over 100 films and continued working into the 1970s. Doro worked with several of the great Italian directors such as Dino Risi in “Una vita difficile” (1961), Fellini in “La dolce vita” (1960) and “8 1/2” (1963). During this time, he also worked in television.

He was married to Erna Muller [1912-2003] and died in Bellagio, Lombardy, Italy on May 12, 1992. He was 89.

DORO, Mino (Mino D'Oro, M. Doro, Nino Doro, Mino d'Oro, Mino Doro) (Ermino Napoleone Doro di Costa di Vernassino) [5/6/1903, Venice, Veneto, Italy – 5/12/1992, Bellagio, Lombardy, Italy] – film, TV actor, married to Erna Muller [1912-2003] (19??-1992).

The Sign of Zorro – 1962 (Don Luis)


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