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Who Are Those Singers & Musicians? ~ Cesare De Natale


Cesare De Natale was born in Florence Tuscany, Italy on August 1, 1943. He is best known as a songwriter who along with his wife Susan Duncan Smith have worked extensively with the DeAngelis brothers, Guido and Maurizio, in composing songs for several of their film scores.

As Guy he is best remembered for his composition and singing along with Sybil (Sibyl Amarilli Mostert) of the main theme song for 1975’s “Keoma” and with the De’Angelis brothers in their alias group “Dandylion” the songs “Wolf” and “Snake” for the 1977 film “A Man Called Blade”

Cesare is also an accomplished poet and composer in his own right and at one time was a member of the singing group “The Hollipops”.

De NATALE, Cesare (aka Dandylion, Guy, Zenzero) [8/1/1943, Florence, Tuscany, Italy -     ] – author, writer, composer, songwriter, singer, married to producer, actress, songwriter, songwriter, singer Susan Duncan Smith [1946-    ] (1987-    ), member of “Hollipops”.

Keoma – 1975 [sings: “Keoma”, “In Front of My Desperation”] [as Sybil & Guy]

A Man Called Blade – 1977 [sings: “Wolf”, “Snake”] [as Dandylion]

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