Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Who Are Those Gals? ~ Wendy D’Olive


Wendy D’Olive was born in Rome, Italy on April 14, 1954. She is the daughter of actress Gabriella D’Olive whose real name is Gabriella Venditti and born on December 2, 1928. Wendy began her career at a young age with photo sessions for advertising posters, which led to her appearing in the television series ‘David Copperfield’. From 1967 onwards she also worked occasionally for the cinema. In May 1973 she began a career as an actress in photo novels, which lasted until 1987 and spanned 431 issues.

Wendy appeared in ten films from 1966 until 1977. Only one was a Euro-western “Red Coat” with Fabil Testi. Wendy was most recently seen in the 2016 documentary “Mad Dog Helmut” directed by Uwe Huber.

D’OLIVE, Wendy Deborah (aka Wendi D'Olive, Wendy d'Olive) [4/14/1954, Rome, Lazio, Italy -     ] – model, film actress, daughter of actress Gabriella D'Olive (Gabriella Venditti) [1928-     ].

Red Coat – 1974 (Shee-Noa)

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