Thursday, January 12, 2012

Movie Zone Magazine's Best of 2011

Top Performances of 2011

Honorable Mention: Dan van Husen for "The Scarlet Worm"

This micro-budget western from director Michael Fredianelli features a frightening performance by German character actor Dan van Husen. This man has worked with the likes of Werner Herzog and Federico Fellini and his performance here shows what drew these directors to him. This is a solid film with imperfections that stem solely from its ridiculously low-budget (cowboys made more money annually than it cost to make this film…and that’s not adjusted for inflation). Performances like van Husen’s elevate the material. This is a performance that seems oblivious to budgetary constraints; it’s ominous, intelligent, and memorable. If more people saw the film, his performance would be held in much higher regard.

Congratulation Dan on a terrific performance which deserves the recognition it is starting to receive.


  1. I spoke to Dan at the western film festival in Almeria in September. And they showed 'The Scarlet Worm'. It's very good, but not for the squeamish. Dan told me he was involved in a remake of 'Cutthroats 9'.

  2. Yes they are supposed to do a remake of "Cut Throats Nine" but it's been delayed for the moment. Dan's in Almeria now making a short teazer for a new western directed by Danny Garcia. They hope to show the teazer to interested parties to get production funds to continue the project.