Sunday, August 22, 2010


Per un dollaro a Tucson si muore – Italian title
A Tucson si muore – Italian title
On meurt a Tucson - French title
Blutige Rache in Tucson – German title
Die for a Dollar in Tucson – English title

A 1964 Italian, Yugoslavian, French production [Nuovo Mondo Cinematografica (Milan), Triglav (Zagreb), Cineurop (Paris)]
Producer: Cesare Canevari
Director: D. Brownson (Cesare Canevari)
Story: D. Brownson (Cesare Canevari)
Screenplay: D. Brownson (Cesare Canevari)
Cinematography: C. Richardson (Adriano Bernacchi) [Telecolor]
Music: H. Tical (Armando Sciascia)
Songs: “Per un dollaro a Tucson si muore”, “Quando Jane spara” sung by Vinicio Gori
Running time: 94 minutes

Dan - Ronny De Marc
Melody - Gisèle Sandré
Charlie - Benny Reeves (Benito Stefanelli)
Patricia - Mary Grace Manes (Maria Grazia Marescalchi)
Joe - Joco Turc (Danilo Turk)
with; Georges Lycan, P. Buntic (Petar Buntic), A. Chiarollo, M. Cobol, E. Ghez, C. Iravenac (Cesare Canevari), R. Sarsi, M. Sitar, E. Ramon

An outlaw gang led by Bill Lexter takes over the town of Tucson, Arizona in order to steal a gold shipment that will soon be arriving. After learning of the outlaws plans a posse is joined by the citizens of Tucson and with the help of a catfight between two saloon girls, which helps distract the gang's attention, a gun battle erupts just before the arrival of the gold shipment. Lexter's outlaw gang are defeated and the gold shipment arrives intact.


  1. Biltmore: I believe that Gisele Sandre is French, and Gia Sandre is Italian. Different peoples.

  2. Biltmore: I've watched the film and they're is no little girl in the film! I believe the IMdb got these two peoples (sic) mixed up.

  3. Thanks no big surprise about the IMDb. I'll check it out.