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Who Are Those Guys? - Norman Bowler

Norman Clifford Bowler was born in London, England, U.K. on August 1, 1932. The son of a watch repairer, he became a member of the 1950s Soho set alongside John Minton, Francis Bacon and Daniel Farson. There he met Henrietta Moraes, who divorced her first husband, Michael Law, and married Bowler. This marriage ended in 1957. They had two children, Joshua and Caroline, although many years later it transpired that Joshua's father was actually Colin Tennant, 3rd Baron Glenconner. Berjourhi Bowler, his second wife, and Norman were divorced in 1969, after 10 years of marriage, mother of Tamara.

Bowler played a variety of bit parts and single episode roles throughout the 1960s. He was featured in one episode of ‘The Avengers’ and starred alongside James Caan in the 1969 war film “Submarine X-1”, about World War II British midget submarines.

From 1966-1976, Bowler played Det. Chief Inspector Harry Hawkins for the entire run of the BBC TV police drama ‘Softly, Softly’ (later ‘Softly, Softly: Taskforce’). He also appeared as Titinius in “Julius Caesar” (1970), as Saturninus in “Jesus of Nazareth” (1977), as Bill Smugs in “The Island of Adventure” (1982), and as Moose in the Terence Hill modern day western film “They Call Me Renegade” (1987). He later played the part of Frank Tate in the ITV soap opera ‘

Bowler has been very active in charity work and adult education in the Bristol area (where the original ‘Softly, Softly’ series was filmed in the 1960s).

Bowler and his third wife, Dianne, spent several years at Auroville International Township in Tamil Nadu, India. There he engaged in development work with people in the surrounding Tamil villages and often entertained the village children. He also worked with and directed the amateur actors of the township.

In August 2012 Bowler released a recorded reading of Samuel Taylor Coleridge's Rime of the ancient mariner to raise money for The Auroville Trust.

Bowler's wife Dianne died in May 22, 2012. He continues to alternate between India and the UK.

BOWLER, Norman (Norman Clifford Bowler) [8/1/1932, London, England, U.K. -     ] - TV actor, married to model Henrietta Moraes (Audrey Wendy Abbott) [1931-1999] (1956-1957), stepfather of Joshua Bowler (Joshua Tennant) [1956-    ], father of Caroline Bowler [1957-    ], married to Berjourhi Bowler (1959-1969), father of Tamara Bowler, married to Dianne Bowler [1939-2012] (198?-2012), father of ?, foster father of Lhamo Dolma [1987-    ]
Renegade - 1987 (Moose)

Birthdays Then and Now

Armando Trovaioli (composer) 1917 – 2/28/2013
Enrique Escobar (composer) 1921 – 2/12/2004
Franco Prosperi (director, screenwriter) 1926 -
Benito Stefanelli  (actor, stuntman) 1928 – 12/12/1999
Richard C. Adams (actor) 1935 – 5/1/2012
Mariangela Giordano (actress) 1937 -
Cass Martin (actor) 1937 – 10/30/2001
Jany Clair (actress) 1938 –
Giuliano Gemma (actor) 1938 – 10/1/2013
Pippo Franco (actor, composer) 1940 -

Salma Hayek (actress) 1966 -

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RIP Antonio Crespo

Spanish voice actor Antonio Crespo died in Spain on September 1, 2015. He was 85. Crespo was one of the legendary voices from Barcelona. He voiced many films and I have recorded 15 Euro-westerns in my database that he voiced, including the Spanish voice of Victor Israel in “Catlow” (1971), Conrado San Martin in “Duck You Sucker” (1971), Ralph Brown in “Valdez is Coming!” (1991) and Darry Cowl in “The Daltons” (1994). His voice can also be heard on the Spanish track for “Lucky Luke: Daisy Town (1971).  

Burgos prepares Sad Hill Cemetery for the 50 year celebration of The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

One of the great ambitions of the newly created Cultural Association Sad Hill, founded to promote many initiatives that commemorate the half century of filming the legendary spaghetti western that gave Sergio Leone his legendary status would be to have Clint Eastwood in their presence.

It will be difficult to recognize that dream, but they are willing do everything possible because the actor and director has always been very present in their memories of that film. "We remember the place because it is mentioned in many interviews," explains Diego Montero, one of the creators of the new working group who works on contacting Clint to at least try to bring this Hollywood legend back to the Wild West of Burgos.

Other initiatives to celebrate the event have been done: One is the enhancement of the Sad Hill Cemetery, located in the Valley enclave of Mirandilla, municipality of Santo Somingo de Silos and the stage of capital Leone film. "We are preparing the report which we will present to MedioAmbiente" Montero said.

The idea is to recover the cemetery "sustainable and integrated into the environment. The cemetery can already be seen, but we want to make it easier for the visitor to recognize it easier. This would be to clean away the topsoil over the central pavement and placement of the graves, in addition to stabilizing conditions as it deserves to be such a 'sanctuary of cinema' and enhance RutaBFM created in 2003 by the Collective Archaeological and Paleontological Salas (CAS ) with the regular publication of information booklets,” he stresses.

For the summer of 2016, possibly in the month of July we will offer a tour organized by the Backlot Four "to warm things up": Mission San Antonio (Monastery of San Pedro de Arlanza, Hortig├╝ela); the field of Betterville concentration camp (Carazo); the Battle at Langstone Bridge (Valley of Arlanza, Hortig├╝ela); the cemetery at Sad Hill (Valley Mirandilla, Santo Domingo de Silos). "By December of this year will be held the 'Section western' in the Short Film Contest XVI of Salas de los Infantes Serranomatiega organized by the Cultural Association, which together with the always active Collective Archaeological and Paleontological of Salas de los Infantes, the Sports Club Silos, the Sierra Demand CIT and CIT Covarrubias are also working in the events of this 50th anniversary.

The bulk of the anniversary will be held in July 2016, although there will be ongoing events throughout the year. "One of the main ideas is an international congress or summer course that would bring some of the leading experts in the cinema of Sergio Leone, such as the crew and people who are still alive, etc. ..." explains Montero. Book presentations and a film cycle on Leone will also be made; the screening of the film at the site in the cemetery (as was done in 2006 and 2011) with concerts and performances; an exhibition of photographs on the set, the props...

"We have contact with people from the crew as Jose Antonio Perez Ginero was part of the crew for the The Good The Bad and the Ugly in Burgos; It was he who suggested Leone Burgos landscapes known for filming of The Valley of the swords. Perez Ginero said that when Leone saw the rock of Carazo he fell in love with the place."

Quella sporca sacca nera (Web)

Quella sporca sacca nera – Italian title
(The Dirty Black Bag – English translated title)

A 2014 Italian production [Blood Film, Pulp R. Studio (Sardinia)]
Producer: Giovanni Cabras, Alessio Cuboni, Mauro Aragoni, Roberto Comida, Fabrizio Fanelli,
          Fabio Anedda
Director: Mauro Aragoni
Story: Mauro Aragoni, Roberto Comida
Screenplay: Mauro Aragoni, Roberto Comida
Cinematography: Mauro Aragoni, Emilio Canu [color]
Music: Antonio Manca
Running time: 4 episodes x 20 minutes

McCoy – Antonio Luvinetti
Ramiro – Ignazio Chessa
Carson – Francesco Palmieri
Maurizio Pulina - Maurizio Pulina
Bartender – Francesco Cardagna
Saloon girls – Maria Vittoria Pintore, Francesca Farina
With: Sandro Repossi (Alessandro Repossi), Giovanni Cabras, Valeria Secchi, Mauro Aragoni, Massimo Pes, Fabio Mangroni

A cold and ruthless bounty hunter is looking for two gunmen, the tracks lead him in a borderland where the problems will be the first to arrive, the contents of the black bag that brings with it will be discovered by the wrong people who will do anything to it ...

A four part Web series: Created and directed by Mauro Aragoni is a Spaghetti Western crude and ruthless. The director pays homage and takes the old school of the great Sergio Leone while taking into line his personal style dark and horror. Just out immediately he had an excellent response from the public and critics, as demonstrated by numerous articles on the Web and print magazines.

He received numerous awards in Italy and abroad,

In addition, the film received great compliments from some important members of the Spaghetti Western genre, which Giancarlo Santi (historical assistant director Sergio Leone in the Dollar Trilogy, Once Upon A Time In The West etc.) and Ennio Morricone regarding the soundtrack signed by the young Antonio Manca.

Episode list:
1) Terra di confine, 2) Prigioniero, 3) Segreti, 4) Questione di soldi