Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Who Are Those Gals? ~ Jocelyn Broderick

Jocelyn Broderick was born in Johannesburg, South Africa on June 23, 1962. She is a South African actress, writer and corporate facilitator best known for her starring role as the female lead Lilian Cubitt in the 1986 feature film “Jock of the Bushveld”. She is also known for her starring role as Nina Bekker in the kykNET soap opera ‘Getroud metRugby: Die Sepie’.

Jocelyn graduated from the University of Natal-Pietermaritzburg with a BA in Drama and English. She then went on to join the now-defunct performing arts council PACT's English and Afrikaans drama companies. It was here that she got involved with creating new works and compilations and workshopping productions like the opening of the Momentum Theatre at the then State Theatre, and co-wrote music with Didi Kriel for the award-winning Total Claim. She also musically directed the Momentum opening as well as the cabaret Café Decadenza.

After three years in PACT's permanent company, Jocelyn went freelance. The bulk of her early work was as an actress and singer working in theatre, television, film, cabaret, theatre sports, industrial theatre and corporate theatre.

Theatre productions in which she has played leading roles include “Ek Onthou vir Mamma”, directed by Louis van Niekerk; “Brothers of the Head”, directed by Nigel Vermaas, “Die Potlooddief en die Engel”, directed by Louis van Niekerk; “Four Stops on the Northern Line”, directed by Alan Swerdlow; “Peril at End House”, directed by Rex Garner, “Hamloet”, directed by Murray McGibbon; and “The Glass Menagerie”, directed by Karoly Pinter. Jocelyn has also had supporting roles in numerous theatre productions including “Macbeth”, “Hamlet Machine”, “Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead”, “Hotel Paradiso” and “Dood van 'n Handelsreisiger”, among many others.

In 1987 she guest starred as a cabaret artist in the first season of the TV1 drama series ‘Ballade Vir 'n Enkeling’. Other television series she has appeared in include ‘Reap The Whirlwind’, ‘Arende’, ‘Tropical Heat’ (known as ‘Sweating Bullets’ in the U.S.A.), ‘Suburban Bliss’, ‘Egoli’, ‘You Be The Judge’, ‘Homelands’, ‘Rhodes’ and ‘Natural Rhythm’. Jocelyn's numerous TV credits also include roles in ‘Orpen House’, ‘Swart Kat’,  ‘Jo'burg Blues’, ‘Soul City’, ‘28 Degrees South’, ‘The Res’, ‘Villa Rosa’, ‘Zero Tolerance’, ‘Heartlines’, ‘Snitch, Jozi-H’ and ‘Wild at Heart’.

Films she has acted in include “My Daughter's Keeper”, “Arende”, “The Last Leprechaun”, “Africa”, “Merlin: The Return”, “Slash”, “Hooded Angels”, “A Case of Murder”, “Number 10”, “Au Pair”, “Toothman & Killer”, “Lenny”, “The Unique Oneness of Christian Savage” and “Heroes”.

She later co-started a company with fellow industry professionals Judy Ditchfield (her sister) and Charlotte Butler called Performance Role Play Training (PRPT), in which they do training and facilitation using professional business role players in their training.

In January 2016 she began filming on the kykNET soapie ‘Getroud met Rugby: Die Sepie’ (Married to Rugby: The Soapie), based on Deon Opperman's film and television drama series of the same name.

Sister Judy Ditchfield also appeared in “Hooded Angels” as the old whore.

Today Jocelyn is a director at Performance Role Play Training and the owner of The Perfect Pitch/Self.

BRODERICK, Jocelyn [6/23/1962, Johannesburg, South Africa -     ] – stage, film, TV actress, sister of actress Judy Ditchfield (Judith Angela Broderick) [1963-    ].
Hooded Angels – 2002 (woman hostage)

Special Birthdays

Keenan Wynn (actor) would have been 100 today, he died in 1986.

Eduard Gómez Manzano (actor) is 65 today.

Steven G. Tyler (actor) would have been 60 today, he died in 2007.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

La fanciulla del West (2009)

La fanciulla del West – Italian title

A 2009 Netherlands television production [De Nederlandse Opera (Amsterdam)]
Producer: Nikolaus Lehnhoff
Director: Misjel Vermeiren
Story: Guelfo Civinini, Carlo Zangarini
Teleplay: David Belasco
Photography: [color]
Music: Giacomo Puccini        
Running time: 160 minutes

Minnie - Eva-Maria Westbroek
Jack Rance - Lucio Gallo
Dick Johnson - Zoran Todorovich
Nick - Roman Sadnik
Ashby - Diogenes Randes
Sonora - Stephen Gadd
Trin - Jean-Léon Klostermann
Sid - Leo Geers
Bello - Peter Arnik
Harry - Pascal Pittie
Joe - Ruud Fiselier
Happy - Harry Teeuwen
Larkens - Patrick Schramm
Billy Jackrabbit - Tijl Faveyts
Wowkle - Ellen Rabiner
Jake Wallace - André Morsch
José Castro - Roger Smeets
Pony Express Rider - Erik Slik
Conductor – Carlo Rizzi

The opera tells the tale of gold miners, their loves and their adventures. Minnie is well-liked and runs a bar frequented by the miners. The sheriff only has eyes for her. But, when the mysterious Dick Johnson arrives in town, Minnie falls in love with him instead.

The Cloudy Mountains are not the setting for Nikolaus Lehnhoff's staging, which transposes the plot into 1950s USA. The mining district of 1849-1850 is replaced by the Wall Street stock market and gold miners become regulars at an underground bar. In the pit, the orchestra, conducted by Carlo Rizzi, manages to do justice to Puccini's rich composition without ever drowning out the singers.

Monday, July 25, 2016

50th Anniversary Celebration of The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Official program of the event. July 20 – 24, 2016.

My grave marker at Sad Hill Cemetery for the 50th Anniversary of The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

Below is a link taken by my friend and fellow Spaghettiologist Cenk Kiral of the celebration.