Sunday, July 5, 2015

RIP Ivan Palúch

Slovakian actor Ivan Palúch died on July 3rd of a sudden lung disease at the age of 75. He was one of the country’s leading actors in the 1960s before the Communist regime banded his opposition to their by banning him from acting. He fled the country and appeared in international co-productions among which were three Euro-westerns: A Canyon Full of Gold (1971) Escape from Gold Country (TV) (1977) and Cesta na jihozápad (1989). On his 75th birthday June 20th he was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award.

The Legend of Zorro (TV)

La legende di Zorro – Italian title
Kaiketsu Zorro – Japanese title
Zorro mstitel – Czechoslovakian title
La Legende de Zorro – French title
Z wie Zorro – German title
Zorro – Polish title
A Lende de Zorro – Portuguese title
O Cavaleiro da Mascara – Portuguese title
Zorro – O Heroi Inconfundivel – Portuguese title
La leyende del Zorro – Spanish title
The Legend of Magnificent Zorro – English title
Legend of Little Zorro – English title
The Legend of Zorro – English title

A 1991 Italian, Japanese, Swiss television co-production [Mondo TV (Rome), Toho (Tokyo), Royal Pictures Company (Zurich)]
Producers: Orlando Corradi, Lorenzo Gilardoni, Hiroshi Kato, Masako Fukuyo, Tatsuro Oba
Director: Mino Guti, Katsumi Minoguchi
Story: Zorro by Johnston McCulley
Dialogue: Cristina Robustelli [Italian]
Animation: Masaaki Ednou,
Photography: Kazunori Hashimoto [color]
Music: Masaaki Endou, Hiromoto Tobiasawa
Songs: “Zorro”, “Vow” sung by Cristina D’Avena
Running time: 52 episodes x 26 minutes

Don Diego de la Vega/Zorrom Don Alejandro de la Vega, Lolita, Bernard, Figaro, Tackle, Viento Don Carlos Prideaux, Caterina, Governor General, Commandant Ramon, Lieutenant Gabriel, Sergeant Gonzalez, Sergeant Vega, Mr. Brown, Maria, Captain Jeckyl, Paolo, Elena, Hanna Fernandez, Emilio Esperada, Martine, Sella, Nikita

Don Diego de la Vega returns from his studies in Spain to discover his homeland of California is under the army's dictatorship. Diego, refusing to sit idly by, disguises himself as Zorro to protect the weak and oppressed. Diego is not a coward but he is unable to win the affections of his sweetheart, Lolita Prideaux, who is attracted to other more noble men. Diego serenades Lolita as Zorro and fights the evils of his homeland, hoping to capture her heart. Diego is accompanied by Bernardo, a boy wearing a similar costume, dubbed "Little Zorro", and a small brown dog.

A 1991 animated Japanese, Italian and Swiss TV series based on the stories of Johnston McCulley’s Zorro character.

Episode list: 1) The Symbol of Justice is “Z”!, 2) Here Comes Little Zorro!, 3) Gabriel, the Plotter!, 4) Wake Up My Friend!, 5) Father's Secret, 6) A Trap With a Red Jewel, 7) An Heiress to Property, 8) A Guitar to Kill, 9) Let's Find the Pirate Treasure!, 10) Diego has Become a Ghost!, 11) The Adventure of Little Zorro, 12) Figaro, the Stray Dog, 13) Little Zorror at Full Blast, 14) The Stagecoach is in Danger! 15) Lolita's Kiss, 16) The Sword for Japan, 17) Zorro is Cornered!, 18) Diego, the Clever Detective, 19) A House of Tricky Device, 20) The Boy Who Seeks Vengence on Zorro, 21) Fly, the Wings of Dreams!, 22) Gonzales, the Thief, 23) The Bride is a Spanish Girl, 24) Raymond, the Enemy of the People, 25) The Clown in Tears, 26) Pepita, the Liar, 27) Romping Madam and the Little Zorro, 28) Haunted Ruins, 29) Mona Lisa is Crying, 30) Gonzales in Love, 31) Wicked Design of the South India Trading Company, 32) The Doctor is a Drunkard, 33) A Terrible Wooer, 34) The Order to Kill Zorro, 35) Gonzales in Love Again, 36) Zorro was Unmasked at Last! 37) Diego has Become a Rascal, 38) Lady Inventor at Full Blast, 39) The Battle in the Storm, 40) My Fair Lady Zorro, 41) Lolita, Get Your Gun!, 42) Trap by Ninja Magic, 43) Beauty and Monster, 44) Gabriel's Rebellion, 45) The Legend of the Divine Wood, 46) Zorro's Head is Cut Off, 47) Governor-General Kidnapped, 48) A Righteous Military Officer, 49) Farewell to the Army, 50) Blast Off the Demonic Cannons!, 51) Raymond: a Prelude to the Collapse, 52) The Sword of Justice Forever

Birthdays Then and Now

Isa Miranda (actress) would have been 110 today, she died in 1982.

Warren Oates (actor) 1928 – 4/3/1982
Adriana Roel (actress) 1934 -
Jose Terron (stuntman, actor) 1939 -
Robbie Robertson (composer) 1943 -
Lone Faerch (aka Lone Fleming, Lone Ferk) (actress) is 75 today.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

RIP Diana Douglas


RIP Diana Douglas. Diana Douglas, ex-wife of actor Kirk Douglas and mother of Michael Douglas died of septic poisoning at the actors home in Woodland Hills, California. She was 92. Born Diana Love Dill in Devonshire Bermuda in 1923 she was married to Kirk from 1943-1951. She appeared in several western films and TV series including the The Indian Fighter (1955). Her only Euro-western was 1977's Another Man, Another Chance, playing the role of Mary's mother.

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