Sunday, January 25, 2015


L'Americano - Italian title
Yankee l'Americano - Italian title
El Yankee - Spanish title
Oi sfaires skepasan tin Arizona – Greek title
El yankee ovvero matar o morir – Italian title
L’americano – Italian title
Yankee l’americano – Italian title
El Yankee – Spanish title
Yankee – English title
A 1966 Italin, Spanish co-production [Tigielle 33 (Rome), P.C. Balcázar Producciones Cinematográficas (Barcelona)]
Producers: Antonio Lucatelli, Francesco Giorgi, Alfonso Balcazar
Director: Tinto Brass (Giovanni Brass)
Story: Alberto Silvestri, Tinto Brass (Giovanni Brass)
Screenplay: Alberto Silvestri, Tinto Brass (Giovanni Brass), Alfonso Balcazar
Dialogue: Carlo Fusco (Gian Carlo Fusco) [Italian dialogue]
Cinematography: Alfio Contini [Eastmancolor, Kodakcolor]
Music: Nini Rosso (Raffaele Rosso)
Running time: 96 minutes
Yankee – Philippe Leroy
Grand Concho – Adolfo Celi
Rosita – Mirella Martin (Mirella Maravidi)
Filosofo – Jacques Herlin
Luis – Tomás Torres
Consalvo – Paco Sanz (Francisco Sanz)
Angel Face – Franco De Rosa
Gold Teeth – Pasquale Basile
Pittore – Giorgio Bret Schneider (Giorgio Bretschneider)
Portuguese – Renzo Pevarello
Tatuato – Antonio Basile
Tom – Tomàs Milton
Deputy – César Ojinaga
Garcia – Valentino Macchi
Chaco henchman – Osiride Pevarello
Perro – José Jalufi (José Halufi)
Sheriff – Víctor Israel (Josep Vilanova)
With: Henriquetta Señalada (Enriquetta Senalada)
Master of arms: Enzo Musumeci Greco
A stranger known only as Yankee wanders into a lawless town in New Mexico to discover that the locals live in dreaded fear of the invincible bandito named Grand Concho, who has driven them all into poverty and subservience. When the stranger is warned to leave, he sees a money-making opportunity, meets up with the bandito’s gang, and in a series of slick moves double-crosses them time and again, until, at the end, he has killed them all and walks off with their loot.


Bithdays Then and Now

Hugo Pimentel (actor) 1919 – 6/1/1984
Antonio Almoros (actor) 1922 – 11/30/1977
Renato De Carmine (actor) 1923 – 7/18/2010
Gregg Palmer (actor) 1927 -
Willi Neuenhahn (actor) 1928 – 8/25/1993

John Denver Collins (actor) 1950 -

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Spaghetti Western Locations

We continue our search for locations for “A Few Dollars for Django”. After his men are let out of jail by Sheriff Regan, Amos Bransbury sends for his henchmen to start burning out the farmers. He meets with the other ranchers at his office and lays out his plans to take care of sheriff Regan and wipe out the farmers and drive them from the coveted range land.
The house is located somewhere in the hills at Manzanares el Real the exact location is unknown. You can see the pass the riders ride out of in the beginning of the film when they show the rustlers driving the horses through the mountains.  

For a more detailed view of this site and other Spaghetti Western locations please visit my friend Yoshi Yasuda’s location site: and Captain Douglas Film Locations


Birthdays Then and Now

Berthe Dagmar (actress) 1881 - 1934
Viktoria von Ballasko (actress) 1909 – 5/10/1976
Ernest Borgninie (actor) 1917 - 7/8/2012
Daniel Boulanger (screenwriter) 1922 - 10/27/2014
Nico Fidenco (composer) 1933 -
Emilio Messina (stuntman, actor) 1936 - 4/21/2007
Maria-Pierre Casey (actress) 1937 -
Barton Heyman (actor) 1937 - 5/15/1996
Carlos Cervantes (actor) 1953 -
Thierry Arbogast (cinematographer) 1956 -
Nastassja Kinski (actress) 1961 -
Luciano Caceres (actor) 1977 -

Friday, January 23, 2015

Guess Who I Am

I’m an Italian actor born in Lecco, Italy in 1936.
I’ve appeared in over 85 films and TV appearances.
I appeared in only two Euro-westerns one as a good guy, one as a villain.
Guess who I am.
No one guessed this week's photo of Nino Castelnuevo.

The Wretched

The Wretched – English title
A 2005 British production [Sheer Films, Patriot Pictures (London)]
Producer: Joanne Reay, Michael Mendelsohn
Director: Andrew Goth
Story: Andrew Goth, Joanne Reay
Screenplay: Andrew Goth, Joanne Reay
Cinematography: [color]
Running time:
Rellik – Chow Yun Fat
Twenty-One – Michael Gebauer
With: Joanne Reay, Michael Mendelsohn, Paz Vega (Paz Trigo), Catalina Sandino Moreno
The name of a young Bounty-Hunter is spreading across the West. That name is Twenty-One. It comes from a left hand that bears six fingers. His deadly reputation comes from his right hand that wields a gun.
Twenty-One is bringing his latest quarry to justice when he meets the enigmatic Rellik. It seems the men have two things in common; both are Bounty-Hunters and both are stupendously fast with a gun.
[Film was never made. It was reworked and released as “Gallowalkers” starring Wesley Snipes]

Birthdays Then and Now

Salvatore Campochiaro (actor) 1893 – 11/7/1983
Dan Duryea (actor) 1907 – 6/7/1968
Silvano Ippolito (cinematographer) 1923 – 1994
Emmimo Salvi (director, screenwriter) 1926 – 
Jeanne Moreau (actress) 1928 –
Ben Tatar (actor) 1930 – 11/29/2012
Margit Kocsis (actress) 1941 – 12/10/1984
Silvia Monti (actress) 1946 -
Uwe Bohm (actor) 1962 -
Jo Champa (actress) 1968 –