Saturday, March 25, 2017

RIP Giorgio Capitani

Veteran Italian film director Giorgio Capitani passed away at the Belcolle Hospital in Viterbo, Italy on March 25th he was 89. Capitani was born in Paris, France on December 29, 1927. He directed 40 films between 1954 and 2012 and also wrote screenplays for 12 films. His lone Euro-western was “The Ruthless Four” (1968) starring Van Heflin, Gilbert Roland, George Hilton and Klaus Kinski.

RIP Tony Russel

Tony Russel passed away March 18, 2017, in Las Vegas, Nevada. He was born Nov. 23, 1925, in Kenosha, Wisconsin and was a former film, stage and television actor. He was noted for having worked in the Italian film industry in the mid-1960s and for his work as a voice actor where he was founder and president of English language Dubbers association (ELDA). Tony Russel lost out to Guy Williams as the star of Disney’s 1957 Zorro TV series but did play the legendary character in his only Euro-western “Behind the Mask of Zorro” (1965). I was lucky enough to interview Tony years ago and he was a delightful man and full of information on film acting in Italy and his participation in founding the Voice Actors Union. This union provided English speaking actors for dubbing Italian films and tried to keep the same English voice used for the Italian starring roles so they would always sound the same.

Who Are Those Guys? ~ Anthony Caldarella

Anthony Caldarella was born in Sicily and raised in New York City from the age of 13. His first passion in the arts was music. In his early years, he was a guitarist and singer/songwriter. Several of his songs were recorded by various artists. As an actor, he trained with Lee Strasberg and Sanford Meisner.

His film directorial debut was “My Brother Jack”, starring Marco Leonardi and Freddy Rodriguez.

His stage credits include “A View from the Bridge”, starring Burt Young (Best Director Award from Drama Logue and LA Weekly, “Detective Story” (Best Director Award from Drama Logue), the English classic “A Taste of Honey”, “The Price” by Arthur Miller the West Coast premiere of “The Beauty Queen Of Leenane”, Harold Pinter's “The Lover” and “The Collection” which won the 2002 LA Weekly Best Director Award.

Mr. Caldarella was the founder and served as Artistic Director of the Washington Market Playhouse, a non-profit theater group in New York City's Tribeca, where he directed such plays as The Hostage by Brendon Behan, Small Craft Warning by Tennessee Williams and The Time of Your Life by William Saroyan.

Mr. Caldarella’s acting credits include the Los Angeles critically acclaimed production “The Dodo Bird” at Theatre West, for which he won the LA Weekly Best Actor award and also “The Drama Logue”. Before moving to Los Angeles, Mr. Caldarella compiled an extensive list of off-Broadway stage credits, including “Out Cry” by Tennessee Williams, which he played the lead and co-produced with the participation of Mr. Williams. He also played the lead in the West Coast Premiere of “Modigliani”. His film credits include “Blood Red” with Giancarlo Gianini and Dennis Hopper, “Friends and Enemies” with Dean Stockwell and “The Patriot” with Leslie Neilsen.

CALDARELLA, Anthony [19??, Sicily, Italy -     ] – producer, director, writer, songwriter, theater, film, TV actor
Blood Red – 1988 (Di Angelo)

Special Birthdays

Lou Morheim (producer) would have been 95 today, he died in 2013.

Herbert Fux (actor) would have been 90 today, he died in 2007.

Manuel M. Buendia (composer) is 85 today.
Pierre-André Boutang (actor) would have been 80 today, he died in 2008.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Spaghetti Western Trivia ~ Paperback Novels and Spaghetti Western Posters

Many of the posters for the Spaghetti Western genre were taken from covers used for western paperback novels.

An example is this paperback cover for Luke Short’s Ride the Man Down.

This same artwork was used for the Giuliano Gemma’s film “Adios Gringo”.