Thursday, November 23, 2017

Thanksgiving 2017

Who Are Those Guys? ~ Harry Carey Jr.

Henry George "Dobe" Carey Jr. was born on May 16, 1921. He was known to the theater going public as Harry Carey Jr. Over his long career he appeared in more than 90 films, including several John Ford Westerns, as well as numerous television series.

Carey was born in Santa Clarita, California, the son of actor Harry Carey [1878–1947] and actress Olive Carey [1896–1988]. His maternal grandfather was vaudeville entertainer George Fuller Golden. As a boy, he was nicknamed "Dobe", short for adobe, because of the color of his hair. His family ranch was later turned into a historic park by the Los Angeles County and was named Tesoro Adobe Park.

He served in the United States Navy during World War II as a medical corpsman, but was later assigned to do work in motion pictures for the War Department headed by director John Ford who made films for the U.S. Military. Both of his parents had appeared in Ford's films as well.

He married Marilyn Fix, daughter of actor Paul Fix, in 1944. The couple went on to have four children.

Carey began acting in the John Ford Stock Company with his father. Carey collaborated frequently with director John Ford, who was a close friend. He appeared in such notable Ford films as “3 Godfathers” (1948), “She Wore a Yellow Ribbon” (1949), “The Searchers” (1956), and “Cheyenne Autumn” (1964). He became a respected character actor and appeared in many TV western series such as ‘Gunsmoke’, ‘Have Gun – Will Travel’ and the Disney Mickey Mouse Club TV series “The Adventures of Spin & Marty”.

His career in Euro-westerns began with a cameo appearance as the father of Trinity and Bambino in “Trinity is STILL My Name” in 1971. He went on to appear in three other Euro-westerns. He              finished a fine career with his characterization of  Marshal Fred White in 1994’s “Tombstone”.

CAREY Jr., Harry (aka Harry Carey) (Henry George Carey) [5/16/1921, Saugus, California, U.S.A. – 12/27/2012, Santa Barbara, California, U.S.A.] – producer writer, singer, film, TV actor, son of producer, director, writer, actor Harry Carey (Henry DeWitt Carey II) [1878-1947], writer, actress Olive Carey (Olive Fuller Golden) [1896-1988], nephew of actress Ruth Fuller Golden [1901-1931], married to producer Marilyn Carey (Marilyn Frances Fix) [1925-2017] (1944-2012) father of poet Steven Harry Carey [1946-1989], actress Melinda F. Carey Menoni [1947-    ], Franciscan brother Thomas Carey [1951-    ], Patricia Carey [1953-    ] inducted into the Western Performers of the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum in 2003.
Trinity is STILL My Name – 1971 (Trinity’ father)
Man of the East – 1972 (Holy Joe/John)
Challenge to White Fang – 1974 (John Tarwater)
Take a Hard Ride – 1975 (Dumper)

Special Birthdays

Franco Balducci (actor) would have been 95 today, he died in 2001.

Susan Anspach (actress) is 75 today.

Salli Richardson (actress) is 50 today.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

RIP Peter Berling

 Peter Berling, a husky German character actor best known for his many collaborations with Werner Herzog, who also appeared in Hollywood films such as Gangs of New York and The Name of the Rose, has died. He was 83. Berling died on Monday in Rome, his agency confirmed. The actor, who was also a successful film producer and accomplished novelist, had lived in the Italian capital since the late 1960s.Berling acted in more than 130 films in his decades-long career but his best-known work was for Werner Herzog, who cast him in several of his early films, including Aguirre: The Wrath of God (1972), Fritzcarraldo (1982) and Cobra Verde (1987). Berling also worked for Herzog's contemporary, legendary German director Rainer Werner Fassbinder. In addition to walk on roles in numerous Fassbinder films, Berling produced the director's 1971 drama Beware of a Holy Whore. His Euro-western films include: Whity – 1971 (hefty bartender,)Return of Halleluja - 1972 (Lt. Schultz, The Three Musketeers of the West - 1973 (Hans,Tex and the Lord of the Deep - 1985 (El Morisco) and Texas - Doc Snyder hält die Welt in Atem - 1993 (Hank Snyder)

New DVD Releases

El Bueno la Bomba y el Malo
Directors: Carles Prats, Manel Mayol

Almería was the great natural film set of the 1960s and 1970s. From "Lawrence of Arabia" to Sergio Leone's westerns, the dunes, the ramblas and the spectacular light of Almeria attracted hundreds of cinematographic productions and, with them, the great stars of the moment. Paradoxically, that great display left a very slight industrial footprint. But the memory of the cinema survived as a mythical account of the neighbors of localities like Tabernas or Carboneras. And the professionals who made their films before the airport existed or the modern hotels and infrastructures were in place.

Documentary directed by Carles Prats and Manel Mayol, responsible for "Call Him Jess" and "And I'm just here to say that"

Country: Spain
Label: Cameo
Region: 2
Discs: 1
Aspect ratio: 1: 78: 1, 16: 9.
Audio: Spanish Dolby Digital 2.0
Extras: None
ASIN: B07661S379
Running time: 90 minutes
Release date: November 22, 2017

Contra el Tiempo
Director: José Manuel Serrano Cueto

The young actor Antonio Mora ("Box 507", "Also the rain" ...) knows a group of veteran actors, little known by the general public, but who nevertheless had their era of glory in the 1960s and 1970s, especially during the "boom" of the genre productions and co-productions that were filmed in Spain.

"Against Time" interviews and honors at the same time, among others, Ricardo Palacios, Aldo Sambrell, Lone Fleming, Antonio Mayans or Charly Bravo, actors that we saw in westerns, horror films or police titles that formed a great industry of the entertainment in Spain, and that today is the object of cult film fans and a part of a new generation. Directed by José Manuel Serrano Cueto "Contra el tiempo" obtained a nomination for the best documentary feature at the last Goya awards ceremony of the past 2013.

Country: Spain
Label: Utopia Films/Cameo
# VODHV049
Region: 2
Discs: 1
Aspect ratio: 1: 78: 1, 16: 9
Language: Spanish Dolby Digital 2.0
Running time: 90 minutes
Extras: Trailer, partial deleted scenes, interview with director José Manuel Serrano Cueto, short film “Rio Seco”.
ASIN: B076616C5Z
Available: November 22, 2017


Parada en el infierno – Spanish title
Road to Hell – English title
Stop Over in Hell – English title

A 2016 Spanish production [La Bala que dobló la esquina, Parada en el Infierno (Spain)]
Producer: Andrés Acevedo Andrés, Álvaro Fernández Arenas, Francisco Alcón Marín, Francisco
Sorroche García
Director: Víctor Matellano
Story: Antonio Durán, Juan Gabriel García, Víctor Matellano
Screenplay: Antonio Durán, Juan Gabriel García, Víctor Matellano
Cinematography: Daniel Salas Alberola [color]
Music: José Ignacio Arrufat
Song: “Sometimes” sung by Jack Jamison, Nat Simons
Running time: 110 minutes

Red – Maarten Dannenberg
Anne - Veki G. Velilla
Colonel - Pablo Scola
Cuba - Armando Buika
Ernest - Denis Rafter
Chris - Víctor Vidal
Liz - Tania Watson
With: Tábata Cerezo, Enzo G. Castellari, Nadia de Santiago, Antonio Mayans, Guillermo Montesinos, Ramón Langa, Manuel Bandera          , Karlos Klaumannsmoller, Andrea Bronston, Fernando Valdivielso, Marta Fenollar, Jorge Quesada, Gabriel Matellano, Elvira Moliterno, Larry Tayles, Conrado San Martín [archive footage]
Stunt coordinator: Ricardo Cruz Jr.
Stuntmen: Daniel Cancela, José Julián Cancela, Andrés Guerrero

The Civil War ended and the country is undergoing a deep process of change. Railway translates into progress and the stagecoaches have gone in decline due to the constant threat posed by bandits. The Colonel is one of them – a survivor of the old world- and his partners in crime, Red and Cuba, his perfect complement. Chris and the veteran Ernest are in charge of one of the stagecoach stops of the Black Hell company, and that morning, as always, they are waiting for travelers. The first vehicle of the day consists of two attractive sisters, Liz and Anne, who are in mourning for their father´s death. They are traveling to accomplish his last will so that they can start a new life. Soon after the sisters’ arrival, the Colonel´s gang bursts into the stop. They have not arrived by chance, they are looking for something very specific and they are sure that there, they will find it. The gang is received with mistrust due to their appearance and attitude. However, they do not have any intention of pretending. They kidnap all of those present and begin a macabre game which only they enjoy playing. The Colonel, solely ask for a thing, to abide by his law and wait. But the night is long and the vultures perceive the smell of death that the stagecoach stop emits.