Thursday, October 8, 2015

Who Are Those Gals? - Marie-France Boyer

Marie France Thérèse Boyer was born in Marseille, Provence-Alpes- Cote D'Azur, France on April 22, 1938. Boyer is a French actress, singer and the author of many internationally published non-fiction books on France. She appeared from 1959 until 1976 in more than a dozen feature films and several TV shows.

During her career as an actress she worked with many directors, among them François Villiers, Henri Verneuil, Agnès Varda, Riccardo Freda, Luc de Heusch, John Krish and Gilles Grangier.

Marie-France Boyer also had the female lead in the TV series ‘Quentin Durward’, playing Isabelle de Croye, whose fate becomes a subject of dispute between the Duke of Burgundy and the King of France. As a part of this role she also sang two medieval songs. Isabelle's beauty and loveliness inspires the protagonist to surpass himself and when he is finally offered high positions at either ruler's courts, he refuses both because he would rather live by her side.

BOYER, Marie-France (Marie France Thérèse Boyer) [4/22/1938, Marseille, Provence-Alpes- Cote D'Azur, France -     ] - TV actress, married producer, director, screenwriter Rémy Grumbach (1959-1968), married to businessman Jean David Zorbibe (1970-    ), mother of two children.
Apache Woman - 1976

Birthdays Then and Now

Paulette Dubost (actress) would have been 105 today, she died in 2011.

Ron Randell (actor) 1918 – 6/11/2005
Cosetta Greco (actress) would have been 85 today, she died in 2002.

Ida Galli (aka Evelyn Stewart) (actress) 1939 -
Jacques Higelin (actor) is 75 today.

Richard Boes (actor) 1949 – 2/21/2009
Jeremy Davies (actor) 1969 -
Murmel Clausen (screenwriter) 1973 –

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Davy Crockett (TV)

Davy Crockett – International title

A 1994 French television production [M6, AB Productions (Paris)]
Producer: Ann Collet
Director: Thibaut Chatel (Thibaut de Chateleux)
Story: Thibaut Chatel (Thibaut de Chateleux), Philippe Chatel (Philippe de Chateleux)
Teleplay: Thibaut Chatel (Thibaut de Chateleux), Philippe Chatel (Philippe de Chateleux)
Animation: Animage, Studio SEK
Music: Jean-François Porry (Jean-Luc Azoulay), Gérard Salesses
Song: “Davy Crockett” sung by Patrick Simpson Jones
Running time: 26 episodes x 26 minutes

Davy Crockett, Rebecca, Jumpy, Fallen from Heaven, White, Matt, Blue Grass, Sheriff Carson

Davy Crockett, the famous hero of the Wild West, is the defender of the weak and oppressed. Accompanied by his best friend, Rebecca, Jumpy, Fallen from Heaven, his faithful horse and finally Matt White Puma, Blue Grass and the squirrel, he went in search of ever more exciting adventures.

This half-hour animated TV series premiered on French television on November 7, 1994 for one season with 26 episodes.

Episode list: 1)La découverte, 2) Matt, le puma, 3) L'attaque de la Wells Fargo Bank, 4) Jumpy, l'enfant trouvé, 5) Le cheval d'acier, 6) Le voleur de chevaux, 7) Le poker infernal, 8) Le trésor des Creeks, 9) Rebecca a disparu, 10) Cannonball, 11) Le jugement dernier, 12) Fort-Bravo, 13) Les rescapés de Fort-Bravo, 14) Le secret de Tombé du Ciel, 15) La proie des flames, 16) La lettre volée, 17) La rivière sans eau, 18) Le grondement et la fureur, 19) La montagne glacée, 20) Oncle Crockett est en danger!, 21) Wanted : Davy Crockett!, 22) Le testament de Betty Blue, 23) L'alligator, 24) Cauchemars, 25) On a tué Davy Crockett!, 26) Le secret du Mississippi

Birthdays Then and Now

Fred Bertelmann (singer, actor) would have been 90 today, he died in 2014.

Nick Brady (actor) 1931 – 6/1/1999
Mabel Karr (actress) 1934 – 5/1/2001
Raimund Harmsdorf (actor) 1939 – 5/3/1998
Giancarlo Santi (director, assistant director) 1939 –