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Küçük Kovboy – Turkish title
Yumurcak Küçük Kovboy – Turkish title
Little Cowboy – Italian title
Cowboy Kid – English title

A 1972 Turkish, Italian co-production [Erler Film (Istanbul), Cinecitta (Rome)]
Producer: Türker Inanoglu
Director: Guido Zurli
Story: Fuat Ozlüer, Erdogan Tunas, Arpad De Riso
Screenplay: Guido Zurli Gianfranco Pisano, Arpad De Riso
Cinematography: Çetin Gürtop [color]
Music: various
Running time: 85 minutes

Yumurcak/Ricky “Cowboy Kid” Callaghan - Ilker Inanoglu
Keskin - George Arkin (Fahrettin Cureklibatur)
Maureen - Pascale Petit (Anne-Marie Petit)
Monty Donovan - Alan Steel (Sergio Ciani)
Kathya - Erol Tas
Mrs. Callaghan - Evelyn Stewart (Ida Galli)
Yolcu – Zaki Alpan
with; Sohban Kologlu, Feridun Cölgecen, Süheyl Egriboz, Ihsan Gedik, Tevfik Sen, Kudret Karadag, Oktar Durukan, Remziye Firtina

Yumurcak lives in a village in the Wild West. On his way from school, he is kidnapped by the bandit Demirbilek and his gang. They ask his mom, Maureen for ransom money. Maureen seeks help and finds Keskin. Keskin is a very sharp shooter, yet since he has caused the death of a child many years ago, he has been inactive for years. One of Maureen's laborers in the farm is Demirbilek's spy, so he tells him about Keskin. As a result of that, Keskin is kidnapped. Maureen mortgages her house for the ransom money. When Maureen goes to Demirbilek, to present the ransom money, he sees his laborer from the farm and understands that he is a gang member as well. They capture her as well. In the meantime Keskin and Yumurcak untie themselves and save Maureen, Keskin kills Demirbilek. Yumurcak is happy to be with his mother again.

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  1. I'd like to know more about Italian involvement. Giusti lists this as a Turkish western and doesn't say anything about it being a co-production. Turkish language copy has no opening credits to talk of and no production credits.

  2. "Fantastik Turk Sinemasi" 1999 Kabalci, authors Giovanni Scognamillo & Metin Demirhan list this in their book with the credits I've listed minus Cinecitta. IMDb lists it as a Turkish/Italian co-production. It could be classified technically as a Turkish western but a film that includes an Italian director, actors (and you can see from the poster it was filmed at Elios Studios so they had to have used an Italian crew) has to be considered a Turkish-Italian co-production in my book.