Saturday, October 17, 2009

Spaghetti Western Eats

Spaghetti Western
59 Reade St.
New York City, New York 10007
Phone: (212) 513-1333

Spaghetti Western: 
Except for the Italian movie posters decorating the walls, there’s nothing too spaghetti or western about this TriBeCa eatery. There’s pasta on the menu, but the real focus is on the meat dishes, which are simply prepared and well-spiced, and priced under $15. The bar is small and standard, offering a few specialty cocktails (like the lurid Electric Lemonade), but beer buyers beware; even though it’s listed with the other brews, the ginger beer contains no alcohol. It is, however, sweet and delicious. The young professionals drinking here like to get sloshed before 9pm, and their celebration can take over the entire place. The dining room might be unassuming, but the quality of the food indicates that Spaghetti Western is really a neighborhood restaurant disguised as a happening bar.


  1. real spaghetti eatin' would consist of a big Skillet of Beans..or a roasted Chicken you could tear up into discusting greasy bits and pieces..

  2. Or a lamb or goat roasted on a spit, or a big bowl of yellow chiles. Everyone would drink wine out of a gord and let it run down their chins.