Thursday, October 22, 2009


Braccati - Italian title

A 2001 Italian production [Mesa Verde, Stars Film (Rome)]
Producer: Gabriele Albanesi, Sergio Centioni
Director: Gabriele Albanesi
Story: Gabriele Albanesi
Screenplay: Gabriele Albanesi
Cinematography: Giacomo Cimini [color]
Music: Silvio Villa
Running time: 23 minutes

John Baxter - Gennaro Diana
Ben Baxter - Mauro Santopietro
George Baxter - Giuliano Calandra
Grandfather Baxter - Michele Calabro
One-armed man - Gregory J. Rossi
with: Marco Santilli, Gianfranco Guglielmotti, Sandro Agnelli

A horror western short where a family of cowboys, holding out in a shack under siege by a sheriff’s posse, must face the assault of a mysterious presence during the night.

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  1. Interesting that the main character is named John Baxter. A tip of the hat?