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Winnetou I – German title
Vinnetou I – Yugoslavian title
La valle dei lunghi coltelli – Italian title
Winnetou – Finnish title
Winnetou - L'invincible peau-rouge – French title
La révolte des indiens apaches – French title
Ouro Apache - Portuguese title
Furia Apache – Spanish title
Winnetou the Warrior – U.K. title
Apache Gold – USA title

A 1963 German, Yugoslavian, French, Italian co-production [Rialto Film (Berlin), Jadran
Film (Zagreb), S.N.C. Film (Paris), Atlantis Film (Rome)]
Producer: Horst Wendlandt
Director: Harald Reinl
Story: “Winnetou der Rote Gentleman” by Karl May
Screenplay: H.G. Petersson (Harald G. Petersson)
Cinematography: Ernst W. Kalinke (Ernst Wilhelm Kalinke) [Eastmancolor,
Music: Martin Böttcher
Running time: 106 minutes

Old Shatterhand - Lex Barker (Alexander Barker, Jr.)
Winnetou - Pierre Brice (Pierre de Bris)
Frederic Santer - Mario Adorf
Nscho-tschi - Marie Versini
Sam Hawkens - Ralf Wolter
Bill Jones - Walter Barnes
Instschu-tschuna - Mavid Popovic (Milivoje Popovic-Mavid)
Belle - Dunja Rajter
Lord Jefferson Tuff Tuff - Chris Howland
Bancroft - Branco Spoljar
Klekih-petra - Hrvoje Svob
Tangua - Tomislav Erac
Dick Stone - Demeter Bitenc
Will Parker - Husein Cokic
Bullock - Niksa Stefanini
Joaquin - Ilija Ivecic
Randolf - Teddy Sotosek
Harvey - Vlado Krstulovic
Hicks - Antun Nalis
Lemmy - Vladimir Bosnjak
Vollmond - Ana Kranjcec
Black Eagle - Dusko Dobudj
Apaches - Sime Jagarinac, Gojko Mitic
track layer - Miro Buhin (Miroslav Buhin)
railroad worker - Ivo Kristof
saloon patron - Karl Dall
narrator - Curt Ackermann (Kurt Ackermann)

This is the second of the German made Winnetou films based on the stories of Karl May. This film concerns itself with the building of the railroad across the western plains, which creates many conflicts with the various Indian tribes and the settlers. An outlaw name Santer decides to capitalize on the problem. He wants to take possession of a gold mine located on land held sacred by the Indians. He convinces the railroad construction boss to change the course of the railway to cut-through the Indian lands. A surveyor hired by the railroad discovers the plan to change the route he originally set. After he gets into a fistfight he is then nicknamed Shatterhand for his smashing blows. He becomes a blood-brother to Winnetou who has become chief of the Apaches after Santer has killed his father. He and Shatterhand help unite the Indians against the outlaw and his gang.

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  1. When I was about eight years old this was one of my favorite movies.

  2. I like the Winnetou films. There is an otherwordly feel about them

  3. If you sit back and watch them as a kid again they are great adventure. The photography is excellent and the characters are well developed. Enjoyable series after waiting 30 plus years to see them.

  4. Portuguese title: