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E Dio disse a Caino… - Italian title
Satan der Rache – German title
Gejaagd door geweld – Flemish title
Et le vent apporta le violence – French title
Un homme, un cheval, unfusil – French title
Et Dieu dit a Cain – French title
Kai o Theos sihathike ton Kain – Greek title
Y Dios dijo Cain – Spanish title
Dödsjakten – Swedish title
Ponocni Obracun – Yugoslavian title
Cain’s Revenge – Australian title
Satan of Revenge – English title
Revenge at Sundown – English title
Fury at Sundown – English title
Shoot Twice – English title
And God Said to Cain – English title

A 1969 Italian, German co-production [D.C. 7 Produzione (Rome), Peter Carsten
Produktions (Munich)]
Producers: Giovanni Addessi, Peter Carsten
Director: Anthony M. Dawson (Antonio Margheriti)
Story: Giovanni Addessi
Screenplay: Antonio Margheriti, Giovanni Addessi
Cinematography: Luciano Trasatti, Riccardo Pallottini [Technicolor, Techniscope]
Music: Carlo Savina
Song: “Rocks, Blood and Sand” sung by Don Powell
Running time: 109 minutes

Gary Hamilton - Klaus Kinski (Nickolaus Nakaszynski)
Acombar - Peter Carsten (Gunther Ransenthaler)
Dick Acombar - Antonio Canatafora
Mike - Furio Meniconi
Maria Acombar - Marcella Michlangeli (Marcella Ghelardi)
Rosy - María Luisa Sala
Joe/Uncle Jonathan - Gigi Bonos (Luigi Bonos)
Francesco Santamaria - Alan Collins (Luciano Pigozzi)
Miguel Santamaria - Lee Burton (Guido Lollobrigida)
Jim Santamaria - Lucio De Santis
Pedro - Osiride Pevarello
doctor - Guliano Raffaelli
old timer - Franco Gulà (Francesco Gulas)
prison warden - Conrado San Martin (Conrado Prieto)
bearded prisoner - Elio Angelucci
bounty killer - Mario Novelli
with: Joaquín Blanco, Marco Morelli, Giacomo Furia, Pedro Mendiconi

The film opens with Gary Hamilton working on a chain gang in a quarry. We find out later he’s been here for 10 years. One thing has kept him alive and going and that is revenge on Acombar, the man responsible for his imprisonment. The Acombar gang stole gold from a confederate transport wagon and put the blame on Gary. With Gary in prison Acombar was free to live a life of comfort and even married Hamilton’s girlfriend, Maria. Hamilton is now released from prison and catches a stagecoach back to Thornton City. On the ride back he is accompanied by young Dick Acombar who is unaware of Hamilton and his relationship with his father. The time shortly comes for the senior Acombar to pay the price for his treachery. Even though Acombar knows Hamilton’s intentions, Gary uses the cover of darkness to disperse the gang one by one until the ultimate showdown between Gary and Acombar will settle the score.

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  1. yes, it is.
    Hamilton is the power of earth - he's accompanied by fire (the building), water (the drops), earth (the cemetary) and air (the storm) to kill 'Cain' Acombar, who betrayed him, his mankind-brother.
    Great other religion-related themes (killing by the churchbell; the silent priest; the sage old man etc.)

  2. The spanish title is "Y Dios dijo Caín"

    Great SW

  3. Thanks Mutten, correction made.

  4. Biltmore: Remake of Stranger In Paso Bravo. Add cast member Elio Angelucci as Bearded prisoner.

  5. one of the handfull of SWs I can watch over and over again..I think the overall gloomy mood is the biggest star ;o)..Its effective..helped alot by the music