Monday, January 26, 2009

Doc West

Shooting on "Doc West" wrapped up on December 9th 2008, and Terence Hill returned to Italy. The new made for Italian TV stars Hill, Paul Sorvino, Ornella Muti, Clare Carey and Benjamin Petry. Directed by Terence Hill and Giulio Base with music by Maurizio De Angelis. Filmed in Santa Fe, New Mexico on the Bonanza Creek Ranch it tells the story of a former doctor who blames himself for losing the life of a former patient during a delicate operation. Doc now wanders the Old West as a gambler and gunman. He wanders into the town of Holysand and becomes involved in a dispute between farmers and ranchers. Becoming attached to a young boy and a pesky school teacher West must decide whether to help the local sheriff or turn his back on the town and continue his aimless wandering. According to my friend Neil Summers who was the stunt coordinator on the project it was filmed in English and should be released on DVD here in the U.S.A. If it draws decent ratings when shown in Italy this April it could become a weekly TV series. Further updates will follow when information is received.

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  1. Doctor West, Medicine Man. Ironically, it was this sort of sentimental pap which drove me to prefer SWs as a teenager. So maybe if a generation of Italian kids watching this feel compelled to demand something a bit more challenging, it'll have served a purpose after all.

  2. But what if it's a hit? Does that mean we'll get more drivel instead of the hard-hitting action the genre was built on? I prefer Hill in Django then in his Trinity films.

  3. I can imagine it *will* be a hit with its intended family audience. That sort of feel-good sickly-sweet family stuff always does well. We can only hope that someone might then try and make a series with the opposite plot line, where the schoolmarm and kid get shot, the town burns down, and Doc East turns into a wandering vengeful drunk.

    In my dreams, unfortunately.

  4. Good job Tom! Terrence Hill has been a favorite of mine since the drive-in days back in the early 70's. I look forward to seeing this.