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The Legend of the Death of Peter Lee Lawrence: The Origin

 By Javier De Montini

April 21, 1974


Peter Lee Lawrence, husband of Christina Galbo, has died.

 After three weeks of intense suffering, he has died as a result of a brain tumor.

Cristina and Peter got married five years ago. Their son David turns 4 in May.

Cristina Galbo had told me Peter is really sick, and without hope. A malignant tumor in the brain. The misery did not go away, I always believed that he would be cured. But the doctors, not even in Spain, did not operate for a chance for a miracle and Peter Lee Lawrence died around three o'clock in the morning on Friday (Saturday), April 19 (20, 1974). Next to him, his wife. Cristina Galbo accompanied by her sister, Beatriz de Ella. Their boy, David, is in Spain, with his grandparents. Cristina Galbo's mother, when Peter was admitted to a clinic, they preferred to remove the little boy, who is just turning four years old. I noticed the strange and sad atmosphere in the house; Better off, Peter was also gravely ill. He would still suffer terribly for three weeks, before he died. Rest in peace, Peter Lee Lawrence, twenty-eight years old.

Peter and Cristina Galbo had met during the filming of a western directed by Romero Marchent. He was a university student in Spain, at the age of eighteen, although he had the cinema deep inside him. He fell madly in love with Cristina and both, although very young, decided to get married. She told me once: He was so handsome! And when I tried, I realized her heart of gold. Although people have seen him in Western movies, beatings, shootings in real life he is sweet as honey. For her, Peter was the ideal husband: He is so good that he has learned to play canasta just because I love you. Five and a half years of marriage. The couple still turned their faces towards him with a smile from that was misty.

I have a written story I have made it into a novel. A boy brother is a testimonial to Marlon Brando. And I'm going to see if Marlon Brando will produce it for me, next year in Tahiti, and he plays a role. I want to direct it and wants him to interpret it. And I have a very nice role for Cristina, but there is nothing specific. They both should work together – as seen in westerns – in an important role.

The two, although they lived together in Rome, fell in love with Spain. Cristina told me “I carry my country in my blood. Peter loved wine at home, he would share the garden of the chalet with the migrants. play with his boy, David and with our dog 'Neron'. Although a French native of Policios, Peter Lee Lawrence is almost as Spanish as his wife. He has young woman, in Rome! “We buried him on Monday, April 23rd with the Gabos family and a handful of friends. They met Manolo Summers, who is in Italy, a friend of the couple, who launched the actress, still a child, in that unforgettable film titledDel rosa al Amarillo” (From Pink to Yellow). May God give eternal peace to the tall and young actor Peter Lee Lawrence. Cristina Galbo is now suffering from the guardianship of the loss of her husband, David, who will be four years old in May, he grows up playful and restless, now at his grandparents' house, still a stranger to the definitive absence of his idolized father!


[Peter Lee Lawrence had a brain tumor but according to Cristina it was being treated and was under control. Peter actually died of a sudden stomach ailment. See our Spaghetti Western Podcast #13 for the complete story of his life and tragic death]

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