Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Who Are Those Gals ~ Alida Chelli

Alida Chelli was born Alida Rustichelli in Carpi, Italu on Ocrober 23, 1943. She was the daughter of the soundtrack composer and conductor Carlo Rustichelli and sister of the composer Paolo Rustichelli, she started her career as a singer, participating in television and theater comedies.

Alida became known for her version of the song “SinnĂ² me moro”, which opens the film “Un maledetto imbroglio” for the soundtrack composed by her father in 1959: in the years to come the song will become a classic of the Italian song in Romanesco, and will be recorded by Lando Fiorini and Gabriella Ferri, who will record her first paired with Luisa De Santis and later on as a single artist.

 In this period Alida Chelli has also recorded the 4r rpm record “If it is true love”.

She also appeared in many films and in the theater, often singing, as in the musical “When I say I Love You” or in the musical comedies “Rugantino”, in 1978, alongside Enrico Montesano, Cyrano, in 1979, with Domenico Modugno and “Add a Seat at the Table, in 1990, with Johnny Dorelli.

She married actor Walter Chiari and they had a son Simone Annicchiarico. Chelli also had a relationship with Count Riccardo Rocky Agusta.

After a long illness, she died in Rome on December 14, 2013 at the Sant'Eugenio Hospital at the age of 69.  She is buried in the cemetery of Carpi .

CHELLI, Alida (Alida Rustichelli) [10/23/1943, Carpi, Emilia Romagna, Italy - 12/14/2012, Rome, Lazio, Italy] – singer, film, TV actress, daughter of composer, conductor Carlo Rustichelli [1916-2004], sister of composer Paolo Rustichelli [1953-    ], married to actor Walter Chiari [1924-1991] (1969-1981) mother of actor Simone Annicchiarico [1970-    ].
Three Silver Dollars – 1969 (Juana)

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