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European Western Comic Books ~ Big Davy

Big Davy was a short lived but interesting series that presented the adventures of Davy Crockett, one of the mythical figures of American history, always accompanied by his faithful rifle "Betsy". The texts were by G. L. Bonelli, the drawings of a Renzo Calegari novice, but already very good at making the atmosphere and the suggestions of that epic world. A curiosity: the series had the title "Big Davy" because, at the time, there was already, on the market, another comic book using the complete the name of the legendary Crockett. The appendix presents some stories already published previously by the publisher: "Il traitor" by Mario Faustinelli and Hugo Pratt (n ° 1/15), "Il prof. Distrattini "by Guido Da Passano (No. 15) and" Gli adoratori del Diavolo "by Gian Luigi Bonelli and Enrico Bagnoli (Nos. 16/21).

This was a weekly publication which was first released on June 16, 1957 and continued until November 3, 1957. A total of 21 issues were published by the publishing house of Audace with publisher Tea Bonelli in charge. It contained 32 black and white pages of

01 (16.06.57) - “Il segno del corvo” (The Sign of the Crow)
02 (23.06.57) - “Occhio perduto” (Lost Eye)
03 (30.06.57) - “I volontari della morte” (The Volunteers of Death)17
04 (07.07.57) - “Disperata difesa” (Desperate Defense)
05 (14.07.57) - “Pioggia di fuoco” (Rain of Fire)
06 (21.07.57) - “Agguato sul fiume” (Ambush on the River)
07 (28.07.57) - “Sulle tracce dei rinnegati” (In the Footsteps of the Renegades)
08 (04.08.57) - “Verso il palo di tortura” (Towards the Torture Stake)
09 (11.08.57) - “La sfida di Falco Nero” (The Black Hawk Challenge)
10 (18.08.57) - “Attacco notturno” (Night Attack)
11 (25.08.57) - “I razziatori” (Raiders)
12 (01.09.57) - “Ignobile mercato” (Ignoble Market)
13 (08.09.57) - “Il canyon degli agguati” (The Canyon of Ambushes)
14 (15.09.57) - “Sulle tracce dei rapitori” (On the Trail of the Kidnappers)
15 (22.09.57) - “Una fiesta interrotta” (An Intrepid Fiesta)
16 (29.09.57) - “Un incontro imprevisto” (An Unexpected Meeting)
17 (06.10.57) - “Sangue sulla prateria” (Blood on the Prairie)
18 (13.10.57) - “Attacco a Palo Blanco” (Attack on the Palo Blanco)
19 (20.10.57) - “La danza della scure” (The Dance of the Axe)
20 (27.10.57) - “Tragica beffa” (Tragic Joke)
21 (03.11.57) - “Morte all’alba” (Death at Dawn)

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