Friday, May 11, 2012


I magnifici tre – Italian title
The Magnificent Three – English title

A 1961 Italian production [Cineproduzioni (Rome)]
Producer: Erno Bistolfi
Director: Giorgio Simonelli
Story: Bruno Coprbucci, Giovanni Grimaldi, Mario Guerra, Giulio Scarnicci, Renzo Tarabusi,
Vittorio Vighi
Screenplay: Bruno Coprbucci, Giovanni Grimaldi, Mario Guerra, Giulio Scarnicci, Renzo
Tarabusi, Vittorio Vighi
Cinematography: Franco Villa [Eastmancolor, widescreen]
Music: Gianni Ferrio
Song: “Un Uomo Vivo” sung by Gino Paoli
Running time: 105 minutes

Domingo – Ugo Tognazzi (Ottavio Tognazzi)
Pablo – Walter Chiari (Walter Annichiarico)
Josè – Raimondo Vianello
Alba – Dominique Boschero
Dolores – Anna Ranalli
Juanito – Margaret Rose Keil (Margareth Keil)
Bonarios/El Supremo – Aroldo Tieri
Pedro – Fanfulla  (Luigi Visconti)
Gonzales – Tom Fellegi (Tamas Fellegi)
La Sposa – Lucia Modugno
Mendoza – Alex Revidis (Alexander Revidis)
Nina – Nietta Zocchi (Antnietta Zocchi)
Gorilla - Ciccio Barbi (Alfio Barbi)
bandit leader - Nando Angelini (Ferdinando Angelini)
peon - Eugenio Galadini
With: Bruno Tocci, Tulio Altamura, Franco Jamonte, Giuliano Mancini, Aldo Pini

To defend the population from abuses of the dictator of Bonarios 'El Supremo', who as a hobby kidnaps young women for his wives, including three daughters of the late sheriff, some brave citizens decide to hire gunmen to confront the dictator. To free the three girls, Pablo, Domingo and Jose, all believed to be skilled gunfighters, but in reality the three are actually inept peons of the region, they are later arrested and sentenced to death but escape the firing squad with the help of the three girls and help overthrow the tyrannical El Supremo.


  1. ....annoying commercial posting here...

    There's a full-lenght Italian language version with even more commercials in it:

  2. Thanks Fatman I've watched a few of these hard to find Euro-westerns on YouTube. I don't care what language they are in as the plots are pretty easy to follow.

  3. I haven't seen this film ever but it DOES remind me of the Three Stooges. I plan on remaking this film under the title, "The Three Magnificent Clowns Of The West". The characters' names will be Pinky, Boppo, and Chuckie. They are all brothers who leave Sicily after their circus fails to make money. They arrive in Abilene, Kansas, where they are told that soliciting is illegal. In order to actually make an honest living, the three brothers take on different jobs. Pinky, (real name Claudio), becomes a doctor, Boppo, (real name Nico), works as a deputy sheriff, and Chuckie, (real name Sergio), becomes a cowboy. But what the town DOESN'T know is that while doing their real jobs, they are also moonlighting as clowns. They work their normal jobs by day and run their underground circus at night. But suddenly, an outlaw by the name of Blackie rides into town and causes trouble. The town sheriff is then forced to teach all three men how to use a gun. At first, they are not so good shots but with further practice they become as accurate as ever. Pinky, Boppo, and Chuckie are then tasked with putting a stop to Blackie's reign of terror. All three men grab badges and pin them on while the sheriff arms the townspeople with the exception of the children. In the end, Blackie holsters his gun, only to shoot himself in the foot. The day is saved and our three heroes decide to stay in town but what's even better is they get to have their circus. Wish me luck.