Thursday, May 3, 2012


La valle dei Comanche – Italian title
His Name was Madron – U.K. title
Madron – U.S.A. title

A 1970 Israeli production [C.B.C. – Edric, Isracine, Zev Braun Productions (Tel-Aviv)]
Producer: Emanuel Henigman, Eric Weaver
Director: Jerry Hopper (Harold Hopper)
Story: Leo McMahon
Screenplay: Edward Chappell, Leo McMahon
Cinematography: Adam Greenburg (Adam Grinberg), Marcel Grignon [Eastmancolor]
Music: Riz Ortolani (Riziero Ortolan)
Song: “Till Love Touches Your Life” sung by Jan Dailey
Song: “Till Love Touches Your Life” sung by Richard Williams
Running time: 93 minutes

Madron – Richard Boone
Sister Mary Antoinette – Leslie Caron
Gabe Price – Paul Smith (Anam Edel)
Claude – Mosko Alkalai
Angel – Gabi Amrani (Gabi Amrani-Gur)
Sam Red – Haim Banai (Chaim Banai)
Sanchee – Yakow Banai (Ya’ackov Banai)
Prospector – Willy Gafni
Singer – Aharon Ipalé
Drygulcher – Avraham Pelta
Saba – Sami Shmueli


Sister Mary survives an Apache massacre. She buries her dead friends, and continues on her journey through the desert to Santa Fe. Madron comes along and takes pity on the stranded nun and agrees to help Sister Mary to Santa Fe. They are shadowed by both a gang of outlaws and the same Apache warriors who committed the massacre. The outlaws threaten to rape Sister Mary but Madron kills them all except Angel who is made to pay allegiance to Sister Mary in exchange for his life. Angel eventually escapes and joins the Apaches who are outsmarted as they watch Madron pretend to kill Mary, bury her, then fights it out with their leader, Sam Red.


  1. If you have the VCI dvd of this movie, and I do, hold on to your hat! Amazon has 1 copy (used) on sale for......$999.98. Yep....$999.98.

  2. You can also find this film on YouTube. I hope to remake it one day under the title "Madron Zulu". I will play the role of Madron, who travels from Arizona Territory to South Africa and along the way encounters a female missionary who is the only survivor of a massacre that takes place during the Boer War. The year is 1899 and Madron, a former Texas Ranger, has been retired for only ten years. He's not looking to help anybody. But then he sees Sister Mary, who warns him about the Zulu tribe, which is led by the fierce chief, Mangola. Mangola is responsible for having killed all the missionaries around Cape Town and there's now a price on his head. Dead or alive of course. The trailer opens up like this. "Lady, I don't know what you want from me. But you won't get it. But Mr. Madron, you don't understand. Mangola killed my friends! Who the Hell is Mangola? He's a leader of the Zulu tribe. He's the one who has the city of Cape Town living in fear. You must do something. Sister? Mary, Sister Mary. Alright, Sister Mary. You ever hold a gun before? No. You ever FIRE a gun before? No. Well then, today you'll learn. Madron and Sister Mary embark on a long journey through desert, sand, and villages. Will they stop Mangola and his Zulu brood in time? Well, you'll just have to find out for yourself. As always, wish me luck on my future movie.