Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy 80th Birthday Bud Spencer

Born Carlo Pedersoli on Ocotber 31, 1929 in Santa Lucia, Naples, Italy he received a law degree and was a swimmer on the Italian Olympic teams of 1952, and 1956. His first film was as a guard in Quo Vadis (1951). He later changed his name to Bud Spencer (Bud for Budweiser beer and Spencer in honor of actor Spencer Tracy), when paired with Terence Hill (Mario Girotti). Bub and Terence became super stars with the success of the Trinity films. They continued making films together and apart. Some of Bud's best films were without Hill. He earned licences as an airplane and helicopter pilot and in 1984 established Mistral Air an air-mail company. He is also an inventor with multiple patents. In 2005 he became a politician. Today we celebrate Bud Spencer's 80th birthday


  1. Happy Birthday Bambino!

  2. Wow! What a list of accomplishments for a man who so often played a dud! Happy Birthday, Bud! You are amazing!