Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Karl-May-Spiele: Winnetou und das Geheimnis der Felsenburg

Karl-May-Spiele: Winnetou und das Geheimnis der Felsenburg – German title

A 2005 German television production
Producer: Stefan Tietgen
Director: Norbert Schultze Jr.
Story: Die Felsenburg Karl May
Teleplay: Michael Stamp
Photography: [color]
Running time: 90 minutes

Winnetou – Goko Mitic
Old Shatterhand – Joachim Kretzer
Narrator, Don Geronimo – Helmut Krauss
Benito - Marvin Böttcher
Benito - David Ziemer
Juggle Fred - Jochen Baumert
Player – Anderson Farah
Harry Melton - Götz Otto
Vete-Ya – Joshy Peters
Jurisconsulto – Frank Schröder
Yuma-Shetar – Thomas Schunke
Don Timoteo Pruchillo, Hermann – Oliver Utecht
Judith Steinberger – Saskia Valencia
Felisa – Clara Vélez
Ramon Ramirez – Fried Wolff
Weller – Maik Sommer
Adolfo, Gonzalez – Jens Piper

Forgotten by the world, and far from civilization, there is a rock castle in the mountains of Mexico. It harbors an ancient secret that the devilish Harry Melton lures men to this lonely place. He leads a German emigrant trek up into the mountains - and only he and his icy mistress Judith Steinberger know that the Germans will never return. Melton has also allied with the Yumas and their chief Vete Ya, the Great Mouth. But then comes Winnetou and Old Shatterhand who have heard of the gloomy plans. But what is the role of The Player, a shady card player, the beautiful Felisa ensnared in the Cantina of Don Geronimo? Can the eccentric Jurisconsulto and plagued village policeman Ramon Ramirez ensure law and order? Will Winnetou and Old Shatterhand succeed in storming the impregnable rock castle?

Shown on German TV June 25, 2005.

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