Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Who Are Those Guys? Bill Brimley

Anthony Wilford Brimley was born in Salt Lake City, Utah on September 27, 1934. Brimley was the son of a real estate broker, who moved the family to California when his son was six years old. Brimley dropped out of high school to join the Marines during the Korean War, serving three years in the Aleutian Islands. After an honorable discharge, Brimley worked as a ranch hand, wrangler and blacksmith throughout the Western states, then spent three years as bodyguard to Howard Hughes. When he returned to California, he found work at stables that provided horses for film and television projects, but soon after lit out again to work as a cowboy in Idaho. He eventually returned to Los Angeles to find work as a riding extra and stunt man in Hollywood Westerns like "Bandolero!" (1968).

On the advice of his friend Robert Duvall, Brimley set his course down the acting path and earned his big break in "The China Syndrome" (1979). By the mid-1980s, Brimley was adding old-fashioned grit and homespun charm to high-profile pictures like "The Natural" (1984), "Cocoon" (1985) and "The Firm" (1993), as well as on the primetime series "Our House" (NBC, 1986-88). His profile lessened in subsequent years, though his avuncular presence was well used in a series of ads for Quaker Oats and the Liberty Medical supply company, keeping fresh his distinctly whiskered visage to audiences.

BRIMLEY, Bill (aka A. Wilford Brimley, Wilford A. Brimley) (Anthony/Allen Wilford Brimley) [9/27/1934, Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S.A. -     ] – rodeo performer, TV actor, married to Lynne Bagely-Brimley [1936–2000] (1956-2000), father of James Charles Brimley SLC, actor, stuntman Lawrence Dean Brimley [1958-deceased], actor, stuntman John Michael Brimley [1959-    ], real estate salesman William Carmen Brimley [1964-    ].
Lawman – 1971 (Marc Corman)

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