Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The 19th International Film Festival pays homage to George Hilton

 The 19th International Film Festival of Punta del Este will be held from 21 to 27 February organized by the Municipality of Maldonado through its Directorate General of Culture.

Over sixty films will be screened; there will be ten conferences with special guests, and a total of thirty countries will participate with films and visits. Ultracine be present in this edition.

At the 19th edition, the Festival will offer a varied program of some sixty international titles, with special attention to regional and Latin American cinema. In the aforementioned room Cantegril, add this year's Cine Libertador, Casa de la Cultura de Maldonado and the Red Room of Cantegril Country Club. There will also be traveling exhibitions in various locations of Maldonado and the region as San Carlos, Sugarloaf, Piriápolis, Aiguá, Aznárez and Gregorio Rocha.

There will be special recognition of the career for the Uruguayan actor George Hilton (Jorge Hill), who had an extensive and successful career in European cinema and in Italian films, He is best remembered for his roles in Spaghetti westerns and police films.

With guest lectures, panel discussions, book presentations and various social events such as the opening ceremony on Sunday February 21 and the awards ceremony and closing on Saturday 27 February they will be held.

At the International Competition films like: “La luz incidente” (Argentina); “La patota” (Argentina); “Quase memória” (Casi memoria) (Brasil); “Prueba de coraje” (Uruguay/Brasil); “La vida sexual de las plantas” (Chile); “Felices 140” (España); “La delgada línea amarilla” (México); “Solos” (Perú) and the local premiere of "Clever", recently awarded in Switzerland, among others.

The 19th International Film Festival of Punta del Este is sponsored by Ministry of Education and Culture, Ministry of Tourism, Municipality of Punta del Este, Municipality of Maldonado, ICAU and INCAA (National Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual Arts of Argentina).

YouTube link to George Hilton homage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-bFtbXAk65w&feature=youtu.be

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