Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Billy the Kid

Billy the Kid – English title

A 2014 British production [BFI, Creative England, Evade Films (London)]
Producer: David Wade, Victoria Asher
Director: Sam Johnson
Story: Sam Johnson
Screenplay: Sam Johnson
Cinematography: Hamish Anderson [color]
Music: Adam Smith, Chris Lukins
Running time: 15 minutes

Billy – John Bell
Christian – Jake Wheeldon
Juliette – Bethan Ashman
Kyle – Daniel Kramer
Mr. Black – David Wade
Misss. Wendy – Fuschia Sumner
Charlie – Adam Wadsworth
Alfie – Alex Pierce
Grace – Amadea West
Mrs. Gill – Andrew Harwood Mills
Jones – Milanka Brooks
M. Williams – Johnny Palmiero
Walker – Paul Andrews
Mears – Brice Stratford
Policeman – Adrian Wheeler
Alice – Eleanor Johnson
Stunt Coordinator: Brice Stratford
Stunts: Peter Gamble

Billy is a normal 15 year-old except that he lives his life as a cowboy. Dresses like one. Behaves like one. Quotes John Wayne and carries a lasso. He get’s bullied and shunned at school until the school needs a hero.

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