Thursday, October 29, 2015

Tales of the Wild West (TV)

Novellen aus  dem wilden West – German title
Tales of the Wild West – English title

A 1969 West German television production [Westdeutscher Rundfunk Westdeuches
    Werbefernsehen (Munich)] 
Director: Theodor Grädler
Story: O Henry (William Porter), Bret Harte (Francis Harte)
Teleplay: Hans Maeter
Photography: Franz Rath [color]
Running time: 13 episodes x 25 minutes

Helga Anders (Helga Scherz), Gerd Baltus, Chriklia Baxevanos, Heinz Bennent (Heinrich Bennent), Paul Dahlke, Bruno Dallansky, Dieter Eppler (Heinz Eppler), Peter Frohlich, Alexander Golling, Anaid  Iplicjian, Eva Kinsky, Mila Kopp, Robert Meyen, Franz Mosthav, Werner Peters, Werner Pochath, Hans Putz, Dunja Rajter, Karl Renar, Gerhard Riedmann, Willi Rose (Wilhelm Rose), Sieghardt Rupp, Alfred Shieske, Eric Schumann, Klaus Schwartzkopf, Adelheid Seeck, Sigfrit Steiner (Siegfried Steiner), Gunter Strack, Herbert Stass (Herbert Staskiewicz), Vera Tschechowa, Alexander von Rosen, Martha Wallner, Edgar Wenzel, Christine Wodetzky

Thirteen Stories from the Wild West novels by O. Henry and Bret Harte. Even in the early days of America, there were all sorts of weird creatures: Two bankers, for example, take to cash from the bank to deceive a bank auditor about the money kept in their homes. The brave Sam drops a declaration, which is not easy for him, about what is going on with the hard-drinking old lady who has recently moved into his house. More stories tell about robbers and bandits who terrorize the Wild West.

This series was shown on West German television from June 10, 1970 to December 29, 1970.

Episode list: 1) The Mestizo, 2) Buck and Perry, 3) Nettlewick Ante Portas, 4) Flora Beasley, 5) Prosper's Old Mother, 6) Salomy Jane’s Kiss, 7) The Value of a Dollar, 8) A Widow from the Valley of Santa Ana, 9) The Babe in the Woods, 10) The Display, 11) Carousel of Life, 12) The Player,13) The Process

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