Thursday, October 1, 2015

Showdown at Eagle Gap (TV)

Showdown at Eagle Gap – English title
Quell and Co. – German title
Les Mercenaires attaquent – French title
Les Justiciers de San Pedro – French title

A 1981 U.S.A., German telelvision co-production
Producers: Felipe Mier, Berle Adams
Director: William Witney
Story: Berle Adams
Screenplay: Luke Hammer     
Cinematography: Gabriel Torres [CFI color]
Music: Neiman-Tillar Associates
Running time: 90 minutes

Quell – Madison Mason
Enterprise Jackson – Rockne Tarkington
Paco Romero – Petrus Antonius
Alexander Kirk – Skip Homeier
Angela Richardson – Cherie Lunghi
Dr. Hedrick – Ulrich von Dobschütz
Birnham – Mike Moroff
C.C. Detweiler – Ken Smith
Nancy – Darrylle Hamilton
Soldado – Leopoldo Salazar
Ames – Roger Cudney
Señora Romero – Pilar Pellicer
Pilar Romero – Adriana Parra
Maria – Luz María Peña
Aspa – Tony Kahana
Sheriff – W.B. Witney (William Witney)
Stunt coordinator: Billy Lucas

In the wake of the Civil War, a ruthless landowner named Kirk employs devious business tactics that threaten the way of life of a group of Texas settlers. Quell organizes the settlers in order to stand up to Kirk.

Director William Witney's final feature echoes that of his first, The Three Mesquiteers outing “The Trigger Trio” (1937). Both feature three homesteading cowboys dragged into local criminality. Watching the tracking shot of horsemen in the 1982 feature is like entering a time machine into 1937. This was a made for TV pilot that was not picked up by the networks and was pigeon-holed for many years until finally released on DVD.

Side note: SHOWDOWN features a German doctor who liberates a woman from a rich psychotic land owner. And a black cowboy who puts Texas racists at heel. I'm pretty sure Tarantino saw it before making DJANGO UNCHAINED.

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