Thursday, October 2, 2014

Who Are Those Guys? - José Bódalo

José Bódalo Zuffoli was born in Córdoba, Argentina on March 24, 1916. The son of actress Eugenia Zúffoli [1900-1982] and actor and singer José Bódalo, Sr. His birth in Argentina coincided with an artistic tour of his family, but soon moved to Madrid, where he began studying medicine.
After the Spanish Civil War, he emigrated with his family to Venezuela, where he debuted on radio, working as an actor and broadcaster for Radio Caracas and also participating as a professional soccer player. He moved to Spain in 1947, where he made over 120 stage, film and TV appearances between 1930 and his death in 1985.
From the mid to late 1960s he prolifically appeared in Spaghetti westerns which were often Spanish and Italian co-produced. He played the role of General Hugo Rodriguez in 1966’s “Django” opposite Franco Nero; and also performed in “Begin the Beguine”, the film that won the 1982 Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.
He appeared in many comedy or drama films in Spain but also appeared in many television series particularly after 1970 such as ‘Novela’ from 1969–1977,Cañas y Barro’ (1978) and ‘Estudio’ 1 in the early 1980s.
José Bódalo died in Madrid, Madrid, Spain on July 24, 1985.
BÓDALO, José (aka Francisco Bódalo) (José Bódalo Zuffoli) [3/24/1916, Córdoba, Argentina - 7/24/1985, Madrid, Madrid, Spain] – professional soccer player, stage, radio, TV actor, son of actress Eugenia Zúffoli [1900-1982] and singer José Bódalo, Sr., married to Alicia Fernandez Tomas (19??-1985), father of Alicia Bodalo, Maria Teresa Bodalo.
Django - 1965 (General Hugo Rodriguez)
Dollars for a Fast Gun - 1965 (Martin)
Ringo’s Big Night – 1965 (Tombstone Sheriff Sam Murdock)
Thompson 1880 – 1966 (Judge Lennox)
Professionals for a Massacre – 1967 (El Primero)
Ringo’s Big Night – 1967 (sheriff)
A Train for Durango – 1967 (‘The Chief’)
One After the Other – 1968 (Colonel Jefferson)
Garringo - 1969 (Sheriff Klaus)
Companeros! - 1970 (General Mongo Alvarez) [as Francisco Bódalo]
Captain Apache – 1971 (General)


  1. He was AMAZING in Companeros!...

    Stephan Segantini, from Brazil

  2. It is highly recommendable to read: Los españoles del western, autor Juan Gabriel García and Edited by Círculo Rojo (Spain)