Saturday, October 4, 2014

Happy 70th Birthday Sophie Hardy

Sophie Hardy was born on October 4, 1944 in Paris, Île de France, France. Sexy French starlet Sophie Hardy was a popular pin-up girl in the mid-1960’s. She was often photographed by glamour photographer Bruno Bernard better known as Bernard of Hollywood. First the blonde actress appeared as eye-candy in French films, and later she was a successful leading lady in popular German, English and Spanish productions. In 1960 she made her film debut in the Philippine production “Pitong gabi sa Paris”, directed by Eddie Romero. In 1962, small parts followed in such films as the tragi-comedy “Un clair de lune à Maubeuge” directed by Jean Chérasse with Michel Serrault, and the film noir “La loi des homes”, directed by Charles Gérard, starring Micheline Presle. She had her first starring role in “L'étrange auto-stoppeuse “ in1964 directed by Jean Darcy appearing alongside Georges Marchal. Opposite tough-guy Eddie Constantine she was the leading lady in the detective film “Des frissons partout “ (1964) directed by Raoul André. In 1965 she appeared in her only Euro-western: “The Desperado Trail” as Ann.
Sophie’s film career then had a long interruption of more than 20 years, in which she worked for a year as a presenter for Luxemburg TV. In 1994 she returned in a small role in the TV film “Jules” directed by Christian Palligiano. Six years later she made a comeback as the grandmother  Aurélien Wiik in an episode of the truthful TV drama series ‘Scénarios sur la drogue’ (2000). The episode La Purée was directed by the sons of famous director Claude Lelouch, Seb and Simon Lelouch. Sophie Hardy was last seen in Casablanca Driver (2004) directed by Maurice Barthélémy, a fictional documentary about a man, who wants to become a boxer.
Today we celebrate Sophie Hardy’s 70th birthday.

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