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Allegri becchini... arriva Trinità – Italian title
L’oro mi chiamavano Trinità, la mia Colt e la mia – Italian title
Le dicen Trinity – Argentinian title
Django, ton tour viendra – French title
Arriba Trinity! – Spanish title
His Colt, Himself, His Revenge – English title
They Called Him Trinity – English title
They Called Him... Trinity: Himself – His Colt – His Revenge – English title
A 1971 Italian production [Grifo International, Nomentana Film (Rome)]
Producer: Giulio Giuseppe Negri, John Turner (Germano Longo)
Director: Fred Lyon Morris (Ferdinando Merighi)
Story: Ferdinando Merighi
Screenplay: Ferdinando Merighi
Cinematography: Pasquale Fanetti, Giorgio Montagnani [Eastmancolor]
Music: Marcello Gigante
Running time: 85 minutes
Trinity/Django/Chad Randall – Dean Stratford (Dino Strano)
Adelita – Maily Doria
Martin/Murray/Swanee – Gordon Mitchell (Charles Pendleton)
Maggie Oliver – Sara Saval (Veronica Sava)
Danny Oliver - Marc Dadanelli (Mario Dardanelli)
Danny – John Braun (Gino Turini)
Sheriff Ryan – Lucky MacMurray (Luciano Conti)
Doctor – Salvatore Campochiaro
Cain - Gastry Gay (Amerigo Gastrichella)
Indian - Mike Monty (Michael O’Donahue)
With: Haim Bogart (Guglielmo Spoletini), Lorenzo Piani, Franco Perrella (Alesandro Perrella)

An ex-sheriff comes back to town and finds his sister left by bandits dead in the middle of street. He turns bounty hunter and begins to eliminate the gang one by one. The leader of the gang wears a black hood and only communicates with his henchmen by the use of hand signs which are translated by an Indian. Not only does he get his revenge he releases the town from the grip of their terror.
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