Thursday, February 13, 2014


They Call Me Lucky – English title
A 1973 South African production [Flip Bezuidenhout Productions (Johannesburg)]
Producer: Flip Bezuidenhout
Director: Peter Henkel
Story: Keith G. van der Wat
Screenplay: Keith G. van der Wat
Cinematography: Vincent G. Cox [color]
Music: Verner Krupski
Song: “The Ballad of Diaz” sung by Brian Gibson
Song: “The Last Trumpet” sung by Jody Wayne
Running time: 103 minutes
Luciano Fernandez Rodriguez Alvarez Carbias Toleos Benito Manuel Juan ‘Lucky’ Gomez –
Keith van der Wat
Diaz Almeida – Tullio Moneta
Beth Park - Cathy Usher
Chino – Trevor Edwards
Preacher Kelly McDade – Andrew Roberts
Juan della Cucho – Johan du Plooy
Teresa – Diane Ridler
With: Shirley Cilliers, Zara Marshall, Eric Horvitch, Noleen Post, Maurizio Viviani, Marie De Grave, José De Sousa, Philip Van der Byl
Stunts - Vonk de Ridder (Danie van Rensburg)

Set in the Mexico Colorado and the Gila desert, the story tells of one man’s vengeance and the tragic aftermath of his hatred. Outside the bank of Yuma Diaz’s wife is killed by a stray bullet fired by a Mexican pistelero. Juan Diaz removes the silver bullet from his wife and swears on her dead body to get the killer. Lucky's band of outlaws then holds a rich girl, Beth, for ransom and plan’s a new series of robberies. Meanwhile, Juan is found dying in the desert by Lucky and is brought to his camp where he’s nursed back to health. Beth has fallen in love with Lucky and the two decide to marry. A preacher, who is actually a bounty hunter, is brought to the camp to perform the wedding ceremony. While staying at the camp he teaches Juan how to shoot a pistol. After another bank robbery Lucky and his sidekick Chino return to the camp where he is confronted by Juan and he kills both Chino and Lucky. In turn the preacher kills Juan and as he rides away Beth shoots and kills him.

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