Sunday, February 16, 2014

Happy 90th Birthday Humberto Almazán

Humberto Almazán was born on February 16, 1924 in Mexico City, Mexico. Almazan began his career as an actor in the Mexican cinema with the 1944 film “Corazones de México” under the direction of Roberto Gavaldón. Humberto appeared in a total of 24 films, his most memorable films were those he worked alongside Pedro Armendáriz in the trilogy of Pancho Villa, where he played Luisito, Secretary General in “Cuando ¡Viva Villa..! es la muerte” (1960). In previous years he worked with Armendariz in “Vuelve Pancho Villa Returns” (1950). He also worked on the trilogy “Chucho el Roto” (1960-1962) with Carlos Baena and  in “Los Tigres del Desierto” (1960), “La Cucaracha” (1959) with Maria Felix, but his best film he will always be remembered for was where he portrayed the Father of the Americas “El joven Juárez” under the direction of Emilio Gómez Muriel.
Before he became a film actor he worked on the stage for several years he had married a war orphan named Ginette in 1950 but she died in childbirth along with the baby. With his film career stagnant he turned his life to religion and became a priest in 1966. He continued his acting career using his acting talents for the Church. In 1969 he appeared in his only Euro-western “Guns of the Revolution” with Ernest Borgnine playing the martyred Miguel Pio who started a revolution against the tyrannical general who outlawed religion.
Today, Father Almazan lives in semi-retirement near Huelva, Spain. Here he works with a group of babies and children who are born H.I.V. positive. Today we celebrate his 90th birthday.


  1. Am attempting to locate Humberto Almazán; if you have more info regarding exactly where he is near Huelva, Spain, working with a group of babies and children born H.I.V. positive, please advise.

  2. Info re the above comment "Looking for Humberto Almazán may be directed to

  3. Hello,
    my name is Andrea Ampolo Rella. I live in Italy, Città Sant'Angelo (Abruzzo)
    I met father Humberto Almazan many years ago, in 1980 , when he passed through Pescara on his way to Irpinia (south of Italy), where he was going to help people after a terrible earthquake.
    I was the skipper of a sailing boat at he time, "Mazzemarelle".
    I hed the pleasure to meet him a few times in the following years, but after a while I lost his traces.
    I've been searching for him on the internet, but I never found any new, until today, when for the first time with great surprise I find his name on this website.
    I would really love to get in touch with him again in anyway, and I will be very grateful if you coul help me anyhow.
    I think that he is a great man.
    Best regards
    Andrea Ampolo Rella

    Colle Moro Resort - B&B Villa Maria
    Viale L. Petruzzi, 15
    65013 - Città Sant'Angelo (PE)

  4. I would think if you contacted the Vatican they should be able to tell you where he is today and give you a mailing address or be able to forward a letter to him.

  5. I met Humberto in 1970 during a film shooting in the south of Spain. At the time he already was helping leper people in Bali. I saw and stayed with people with leper for the first time in my life in a sanatorium in Spain and it really was a great experience. What a good man Hunberto is. God Bless him.