Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Happy 85th Birthday Paolo Ferrari

Paolo Ferrari was born on February 26, 1929 in Brussels, Belgium.  Ferrari debuted at the age of 9 on radio EIAR with a program in which Paolo interprets tales. In 1955 he participated in the Radio Red and Black No. 2, with Nino Manfredi and Gianni Bonagura. He was very active in film dubbing from the late forties dubbing the voice of David Niven in “Stairway to Heaven” (1948 ), Franco Citti in “Accattone” by Pier Paolo Pasolini and that of Jean-Louis Trintignant in “Il sorpasso” by Dino Risi.
In 1959, after taking part with Vittorio Gassman and Marina Bonfigli (who had married three years earlier) in the RAI television programIl Mattatore’, led the Yellow transmission ‘Giallo club. Invito al poliziesco’. The following year he presented together with Enza Sampò the Italian Song Festival in Sanremo. An actor with theatrical training he participated in the 1970s in numerous dramas and television miniseries, including one dedicated to Nero Wolfe, in the role of Archie Goodwin alongside Tino Buazzelli, andAccadde a Lisbona’, alongside Paolo Stoppa.
Ferrari became popular in the 1960s appearing in television commercials for Dash detergent. He was one of the stars of the hit television series ‘Orgoglio’, which he appeared in all three seasons. He was part of the cast of the soap opera Rai ‘Incantesimo 9 e 10’ where he starred alongside Delia Boccardo (Tilly Nardi) as Luciano Mauri.
Paolo appeared in one Euro-western: “Another Try, Eh Providence?” (1973)
Still active today in 2011 he was cast in the TV miniseries in two partsNotte prima degli esami '82’.
Today we celebrate Paolo Ferrari’s 85th birthday.

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