Sunday, February 2, 2014

Remembering Giovanni Narzisi

Giovanni Narzisi was born on February 2, 1929 in Palermo, Sicily, Italy. Narzisi worked as an assistant cameraman in the 1950s for people like Mario Bava and Massimo Dallamano and was the cinematographer for Piero Vivarelli Oggi a Berlino (1962), for five years he was the director of photography for among others Bernardo Bertolucci on “La Commare secca” in which his black and white photography received much praise. In 1966, he was cinematographer on his only Euro-western “Djurado” using the alias John Farrell. Ten years later, his last contribution to the film industry, was filming the comedy episodes comedy “Maschio latino ... cercasi” in 1976.

Narzisi died in Rome, Italy on February 12, 1989.
Today we celebrate what would have been Giovanni Narzisi’s 85th birthday.


  1. Narzisi died on February 12, 1989 in Roma. See:

  2. Thanks for the additional information. I can't always believe these memorials are for the same film industry people we know and love as sometimes the death dates shown here are for people with the same name who were still making films after these dates. I have changed the post.