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Friday, August 19, 2011

MANDURIA, ITALY - For a truly special event in Manduria "extraordinary". Tony Dimitri, actor, showman, painter and singer of popular music will perform (on keyboards and Mark Master Alberto Giraldi Boy, guitar and vocals) in the beautiful setting of Largo Campanile in the center of Manduria, Sunday, August 21, 2011 onwards, with free admission. An appointment strongly backed by the municipal administration and coordinated by Rudolph Reindeer (StudioComunic @ tion), Daniel and Dino (with the staff of the Angel Pub). It will be a unique recital, the story of a life lived to fullest as an adventurer. He moved to Rome in the 50's at 20 years of age,, the enterprising Tony, in spite of everything and everyone, started an incredible career (after having attended the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Rome) that would take him into acting, in theater with Massimo Girotti, Edmond Aldini and eventually, with Monica Vitti, Enrico Maria Salerno, Amedeo Nazzari and the great Domenico Modugno (with him on tour in the 1960s, all over the world). From stage to screen was a short step was short and Tony started with small roles as a character actor in dozens of films that marked Italian cinema from the 1950s years to 1970s (starting from "La Traviata, 53" (1953) by Vittorio Cottafavi and "Sense" (1954) by Luchino Visconti, just to name a few, and then as co-star and supporting actor in the great period of the "Spaghetti Western" (and beyond), working with Sergio Leone and others.
Sometimes credited as George Stevenson. Moving on to musical productions (often simultaneously with his acting), Tony Dimitri realized by the end of the 1960s and into yhr late 1970s, he made something like 6 albums, folk songs ("Songs FEstival dela" - "Songs of Labor" - "Songs of Live" - Songs of Green Grass" - "Songs of Taratatani" and "Rutuli Rutuli") the result s of enormous research, from medieval time in the 900s in Salerno folk and regional Italian. Continuing to the present day, the tireless Tony Dimitri has been working on his latest his latest career: that of a painter, he has found support from his fans and critics. After so many years, Tony, on August 21st will be reunited with his homeland, he never fogot and he was never forgotten.


  1. Great! Another of the remaining pieces of the puzzle in it's place - the identity of "George Stevenson".

  2. ...just saw on the imdb that this was known. Well, news to me, at least. That much head, that less brains...

  3. Biltmore: Imdb got it wrong again.

  4. Biltmore: He was also in THE GOOD THE BAD AND THE UGLY! He played John Bartha's deputy. The Imdb got his credit wrong.


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