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Who Are Those Guys - Bruno Ariè

Bruno Ariè is another of the countless Italian character actors, stuntmen employed during the '60s and '70s for action and adventure films. Ariè's first recorded film was in 1959's “Hannibal” as a wrestler. He appeared in around 35 Euro-westerns during the next two decades. Usually playing a henchman, gang member and a few roles with a designated character. Later he turned to being a stunt coordinator. When and where he was born or if he's still alive has not been documented as far as I can find. Any additional information that anyone could supply would be greatly appreciated.

ARIE, Bruno (aka Bruno Airi, Ariè Bruno) (Bruno Arié) – stunt coordinator, stuntman.
Blood for a Silver Dollar – 1965
Johnny West – 1965 (Blackie)
A Stranger in Sacramento – 1965
Django Shoots First – 1966
God Forgives… I Don’t – 1966 (poker player)
Ramon the Mexican - 1966
Three Graves for a Winchester – 1966
Death Rides Alone - 1967
Hate for Hate – 1967
If You Want to Live… Shoot! – 1967 (Slim)
Killer Kid – 1967 (Chico)
Shotgun - 1967 (jailed outlaw)
A Stranger in Paso Bravo – 1967
Wanted Johnny Texas – 1967
The Wild and the Dirty – 1967 (sheriff)
God Made Them, I Kill Them – 1968 (Dark)
The Longest Hunt – 1968 (Don Hernando henchman)
No Graves on Boot Hill – 1968 [credited as Arie Bruno]
Sartana – 1968 (Lasky henchman)
God Will Forgive My Pistol – 1969 (Tommy)
Ballad of Death Valley – 1970
The Beast - 1970
A Man Called Apocalypse Joe – 1970 (Berg henchman)
He was Called the Holy Ghost – 1971
The Return of Sabata – 1971 (McIntock henchman)
Two Sons of Trinity – 1971 (Ringo)
The Great Treasure Hunt – 1972
Man of the East – 1972 (Clayton henchman)
They Call Me Providence – 1972 (pool room brawler)
The Jack London Story (TV) – 1973
Blood River – 1974
The Crazy Adventures of Len and Coby – 1974 (racketeer)
The Tiger from the River Kwai – 1975 (James)
White Fang and the Hunter – 1975 (wedding guest)
Macho Killers - 1977

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  1. Biltmore: Also listed once as Bruno Paris!


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