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Big City – International title

A 2006 French, U.S.A. co-production [Miroir Maqique! (Paris)]
Producer: Farid Chaouche, Michael Frisley, Chad Oakes
Director: Djamel Bensalah
Story: Djamel Bensalah
Screenplay: Djamel Bensalah
Cinematography: Pascal Gennesseaux [color]
Music: Erwann Kermorvant
Running time: 100 minutes

James Wayne - Vincent Valladon
Old Man Tyler - Eddy Mitchell (Claude Moine)
La belle - Paolina Biguine
Mayor’s son - Jérémy Denistry
Wapiti - Samy Seghir
Independence - Alexis Maah
Jefferson - Samen Télesphore Teunou
the small girl - Manon Chevallier
Wallace - Julien Frison
Banjo - Atmen Kelif
blacksmith - Quentin Brehier
L’entraineuse - Charlie Quatrefages
pawnbroker - Raphaël Boshart
Garfunkel - Thomas Souverain
Simon - Grégoire Souverain
with; Artus de Penguern, Claire Borotra, Claire Bouanich, Julien Courbey, Olivier Baroux, Manon Tournier, Lorànt Deutsch (László Matekovics), Firmine Richard, Patrick Cauderlier

With a central gimmick that inevitably recalls Alan Parker's 1976 “Bugsy Malone”, the Gallic Big City constitutes a French-language western populated largely by a cast of children. The story unfurls in the American Old West of the 1880s, where the town of the title strives for wealth and prosperity. When a number of adult immigrants are attacked by bellicose Indians, the children of the community find themselves alone (save one remaining grown-up, the town drunk) and promptly decide to take over the town. Djamel Bensalah directs. ~ Nathan Southern,

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