Sunday, July 19, 2009

Congratulations Ulrich Bruckner!

Ulrich Bruckner, film producer, author of "Für ein paar Leichen mehr" and Director of Home Entertainment & Film Acquisitions at Koch Media GmbH head of the home cinema department at KOCH Video, has left to become Director of Acquisitions at SONY as of the first of August. After vacationing with his family for a few weeks he will relocate from Germany to Los Angeles, California. We all wish to thank Ulrich for the great releases he was responsilbe for KOCH releasing over the years and wish him all the best in his new position with SONY.


  1. Koch Media SW line is simply the best. Good luck with your new job, Sir.

  2. I hope that his successor will be as good as he was or even better! We will soon see what the case will be!

  3. KOCH says they have enough westerns for 2010 and Moritz, who will now do his job, is also a big Spaghetti Western fan.

  4. excellent!..good luck!...."ahem"does this mean we'll start seeing SW's from Sony? heh heh

  5. I believe he was the heart of the SW in Koch Media, I hope Moritz, his successor, go on with his great job.
    All the best to Ulrich!


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