Thursday, April 30, 2009

Arizona Bill: Attack on the Train

Arizona Bill: L’attaque d’un train – French title
Outlaws Foiled – English title
Arizona Bill: Attack on the Train – English title

A 1910 French production [Lux (Paris)]
Director: Jean Durand
Cinematography: [black & white]
Running time:

Joë Hamman (Jean Hamman), Gaston Modot


  1. Hey Tom, would you know od a spagetti western - it might have been from late 60s - of a blind cowboy i think he looked like a sad jesus,the end of the movie he is in a burning barn with his adversary and either fores him to gouge his eyes out, or he does it hmself, exacting revenge. i saw this clip when was in sicily it was on late night tv and the most intense looking thing i' ever seen. you know it? what's it's name?

  2. Sounds like Blindman with Tony Anthony if you ask me.


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