Monday, March 2, 2009

Africa - Texas Style!

Un cowboy en Africa – Argentinean title
Gefahrliche Abenteuer – German title
Cowboy in Africa – English title
Africa - Texas Style! - U.K. title
Africa - Texas Style! – U.S.A. title

A 1966 British production [Vantors (London)]
Producers: Andrew Marton, Ivan Tors
Director: Andrew Marton
Screenplay: Andy White
Cinematography: Paul Beeson [Eastmancolor]
Music: Malcolm Arnold
Song: “Harambee” sung by ?
Song: “Swahili Serenade” sung by ?
Running time: 109 minutes

Jim Sinclair - Hugh O’Brian
Wing Commander Howard Hayes - John Mills
Karl Bekker - Nigel Green
John Henry - Tom Nardini
Fay Carter - Adrienne Corri
Hugo Copp - Ronald Howard
Sampson - Charles Malinda
Mr. Donald Oyondi - Honey Wamala
veterinarian - Charles Hayes
Peter - Stephen Kikumu
Turk - Ali Twaha
witch doctor - Mohammed Abdullah
girl at airport - Hayley Mills

A throwback to the Harry Watt African adventures of the 1950s is the transparently titled “Africa - Texas Style”. An English settler in Kenya (Mills) hires two Texas cowboys (O’Brian & Nardini) to assist in his idea of establishing a wild game ranch, and despite conventional mishaps along the way, the plan succeeds. The script is pretty bad with the location photography the star attraction. The somewhat success of this film led to the ABC-TV pilot and series “Cowboy in Africa” (1967-1968) produced by Ivan Tors and starring Chuck Connors as the rodeo rider in Kenya assisting on a ranch and Tom Nardini from the aforementioned film is also featured in the TV series.


  1. I had, and probably still have somewhere....., the two Classic Comics featuring ol' Frank "Bring 'em Back Alive" Buck touting his adventures and exploits. Oh, did I love his African adventures finding exotic animals and "bringin' 'em back alive." So...I was looking forward to this Ivan Tors production which turned out to be pretty disappointing. The tv series with Chuckie was pretty lame and I rarely watched it. Most of it was filmed at Africa USA a wild animal park northwest of LA....and not all that far from Vasquez Rocks.

  2. All the roping sequence's were filmed at a distance so you wouldn't be able to tell that wasn't Chuck.His Branded had more prestige.The great tragedy is while chuck could go to his own home every night and pick up an easy paycheck,he coulda been in spain and did two more westerns easy.Which would have been better? Two more Kill Them all and Come Back Alone type westerns or this smarmy family oriented giraffe chasin'loser? When I think what he could have done over there in the same length of time he wasted on this I could cuss if I could think of a swear word to rhyme with chuck !