Saturday, January 31, 2009

Spaghetti Collectables

A scarce gum card issued in the Netherlands and distributed in Sweden and Finland in the 1960's by Maple Leaf showing a wonderful picture of Spaghetti Western star George Martin.

Trivia: “George Martin was a high level gymnast before devoting himself to the cinema. He gave up the sport after the plane, which took the Spanish gymnastic team off to the Olympic Games trials in 1959 crashed. He was the only survivor as he missed the bus taking the team to the plane.”


  1. That's George in PER IL GUSTO DI UCCIDERE, or FOR THE TASTE OF KILLING, or TASTE OF KILLING - which, of course, is available on DVD from Wild East.

  2. Correct Bill. I picked up several of these cards years ago at one of the Hollywood Collectors Shows, when they were held at the Beverly Garland Hotel. The dealer was from Canada and I had never seen these cards before. Looking through them a few were misidentified.

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  4. Great card, Tom! I don't think I have ever run across any of these before (with the exception of maybe seeing one or two on eBay awhile back).


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